Blood Angel tactics: Elites


Continuing where I left off before my involuntary sabbatical, this week I'm going to go over how I feel that the Blood Angels Elites have worked for me.

Chaplains: Well, these guys are the run of the mill chaplain. Just like the ones found in c:sm. Only difference us descent of angels and some wargear. With some of the other elite options these guys rank pretty low most of the time.

Sanguinary guard: Here is a unit that sounds good on paper but is rather lacking in game. The death masks are cool an really useful. The boltgun is pretty good. The glaive encarmime would be good if it was a relic blade. It's current version is rather lacking. Also the low weapon skill makes then not these super guys. I think the idea of the unit is great but needs some fine tuning.

Furioso Dreadnought: This is definitely a massive powerhouse. They basically have 4 different versions. The standard blood fist, blood talons, frag cannon and the librarian dread. They are weapon skill 6 and front armor 13 with 2 base attacks. They can also take an upgrade called the magna grapple. This allows the dread to pretend he is scorpion from mortal kombat. Yes I have yelled it out during a game. The other upgrade is blood talons, which let you have a pair of lightning claw that on top of everything make an additional attack for every unsaved wound caused, pretty nice for clearing out hordes of troops. The other weapon option is the Frag Cannon, which is a S6 rending flamer. Not to bad but not as good as the extra attack. Then last but not least is the librarian upgrade. You gain a force weapon and psychic hood and the ability to use psychic powers, including Wings of Sanguinius.  A jump pack dreadnought can't be beat.

Terminator Squad: Again pretty standard unit same as C:SM, though they have the ability to get FNP, furious charge and fearless through a Sanguinary Priest.

Terminator assault Squad: Another  pretty standard unit same as C:SM.  These to me are a better option then normal terminators in my experience.  Place in a land raider and go for glory.

Techmarine: I think this unit is a waste of a kill point and waste of points.  Fun to add for fluff armies but otherwise pretty crappy.

Sternguard veterans: These guys can be really good.  The special ammo and cheap heavy weapons and combi-weapons make them really good and very useful.  I would say in a drop pod army a unit of these guys is almost a must have.  10 guys 4 with combi plasma, and 4 with combi melta is a good mix.

Sanguinary priest:  These guys are great.  They give FNP and furious charge to everything with in 6 inches.  That means you can give you dreads furious charge.  Biggest downfall to this unit,  each one counts as a KP and has 1 wound and no invulnerable save.  So watch out people have learned to kill them first.