Way of the Squiggalo

Ever since previews of the Thundertusk model leaked, I've had Squiggoths on the brain. It's so gorgeous, so cartoony, so powerfully feral...how could you not? You can just see it lumbering forth, bellowing its big honking roar, scattering foes and ramming its big, thick skull into enemy armor. The hows, though, escaped me, 'till one phrase came to mind: "They use every part of the Squiggalo." Ding! In the dusty old days of 2nd Edition, Snakebites had a Native American theme going, with feathers, leathers and skins painted up in the psychedelic colors of the era. Like a lot of Ork background, this was flushed out with the arrival of 3rd Edition, but I figure if a nostalgia craze is good enough for official GW products (hi there, Shokk Attack Gun!), it's good enough for me. So, with that in mind, I got down to sketching out ideas via the tried and true method of amateur-hour Photoshop editing.

Seems a dual-use creature to me - a Looted Wagon for regular games, and a Squiggoth for Apocalypse. Both of those beasties can tote a big ol' cannon, so why not incorporate one of the other new Ogre releases?

The model hits shelves on Saturday, and I'll be sure to have one before the weekend's over - with a project log going on here, for you all to see what heights of ugly madness I can ascend to. It should be fun.