Sora030 on painting a Dragon

Hello everyone, I'd like to welcome Sora030, the winner of our Monster Mash painting contest!  He has graciously agreed to tell us a bit about how he painted such a wonderful monster! On a black basecoat, I started by airbrushing some dark purple and some dark blue where the shadows would be on the dragon. This adds to add depth to the otherwise monotonous black.

For the wings, same airbrush treatment, with dark red to a brighter red when approaching the "tips" of the wing menbranes. I also airbrushed some purple (with care not to overdo it) at the junctions between the membranes and the arms.

The innerside of the neck was airbrushed with grey.

I then worked on the various horns / spines / claws, with 4 colors : a deep brown mixed with black, same deep brown without black, a warm brown, and an off white. I just basecoated it with the warm brown then proceeded to tint it with several layers of the colors, going darker at the base, lighter at the tip. This was done invidiually for each spike. Teeth are the same method but with more greyish colors.

The skin was worked further with more brushwork, with few strokes to highlight the scratchs on it. Just use a medium grey and underline the scratches with very thin lines. This was also done to highlight a few other zones on the skin, like the arms.

The wings were worked with a few more brushstrokes to remove the "airbrushed" feel, mainly at the base of the membranes, with a few light and thin strokes.A few red glazes were then applied to remove the harshness of the strokes.

The dragon's underneck was highlighted with parallel grey strokes going under the belly trough the tail itself.

The characters themselves are just basecoat + wash + highlight, nothing too fancy here :)