Tournament Dark Eldar at 1,250


Hello!  It's been awhile since my last post.  In a couple weeks the Games-i-Play in partnership with the LA Battle Bunker is running a 1,250 point tournament on 4x4  boards.  I'll be bringing my Dark Eldar since they can really pack a punch at the smaller point levels.  Here is my proposed list:

Haemonculi (Crucible of Malediction) - 70

3 Trueborn (3 Blasters, Haywire Grenades) - 152 -Venom (+Splinter Cannon) - [65] 3 Trueborn (3 Blasters, Haywire Grenades) - 152 -Venom (+Splinter Cannon) - [65]

5 Warriors (Blaster) - 125 -Venom (+Splinter Cannon) - [65] 5 Warriors (Blaster) - 125 -Venom (+Splinter Cannon) - [65] 5 Warriors (Blaster) - 125 -Venom (+Splinter Cannon) - [65]

3 Beastmasters (5 Khymera, 4 Razorwings) - 156

Ravager (Flickerfield) - 115 Ravager (Flickerfield) - 115 Ravager (Flickerfield) - 115

The Good:

  • Lots of firepower.  9 Dark Lances, 10 Splinter Cannons, 9 Blasters gives me a nice balance of anti-tank and anti-infantry.  Blasters will have an increased effectiveness on 4x4 tables.  I also have haywire grenades on my Trueborn in case I face Necrons or Black Templars.
  • Mobility.  Obviously with 8 skimmers my mobility is solid and will allow me to avoid my enemy when necessary.
  • Assault threat.  I have finally succumbed to the benefits of Beasts.  The threat they pose is often invaluable as my opponent will concentrate firepower on them instead of my skimmers.  They're also good to keep around my own objectives to scare my enemy from coming too close.  Warriors in a Venom? Not scary.  Beasts with rending? Scary!

The Bad:

  • 15 KP in 1,250.  KP will always be the bane of my Dark Eldar, and part of the reason I'm in the process of building a Draigowing army!
  • The Haemonculi doesn't really have a place here.  I'm guessing I'll toss him in with some Trueborn, but I would much rather have Baron.  The points just don't allow it though.
  • 4x4 Boards will work for my advantage with blasters, but will also help my opponent get close to me sooner.  It will limit my mobility advantage to some degree.

The tournament isn't for a couple weeks, so I do have some time to tweak the list, but I think it is pretty solid as is.  What do my fellow Dark Eldar Archons think?  Is there any way I can squeeze Baron in without hindering the armies overall effectiveness?  How about another character like a Succubus?