WHFB for Dummies: Charge Redirection


Hey everyone, and welcome to my new segment, "WHFB for Dummies."  I'm going to be going over tips and tricks to help new WHFB players improve their game. In WHFB, maneuvering is key.  Unlike 40k, you have a rigid set of rules you must follow when moving and charging, units can't just go running off in any direction they want, instead they must charge units in their front arc.  Because of this, it is very important to be able to dictate when charges occur and which units are involved.  In my example, I'll just be showing 3 units: A block of Tombguard, a block of Dark Elf Spearmen and a unit of 5 Harpies.

In a one-on-one fight, those Tombguard will make short work of the Dark Elf Spearmen, so it is important that the Dark Elves to not be hit by that charge until they can get some backups, or instead, delay the Tombguard a turn so that they are ripe for the counter charge by the Spearmen and whatever backup they can bring (Hydras, Black Guard, etc.).

To be sure the Spearmen don't take that charge, we maneuver a small expendable unit, such as Harpies into the path of the Tombguard at an extreme angle.  This unit will undoubtedly die, but they will be serving a purpose.

The Tombguard have no choice, with the Harpies in the way, the Tombguard cannot charge the Spearmen.  This is because they must wheel and move toward the Spearmen, but because of the positioning of the Harpies, that is impossible since they will stop as soon as they hit these flying nuisances.  In this picture, we show what happens of the TK take the charge: they hit the harpies and wheel to align to them, causing the Spearmen to be on their flank.  If the TK overrun the harpies, their flank will still be exposed, or they can simply regroup to face the Spearmen, but hopefully you used your turn delay to get adequate backup.