Product Review: Windsor Newton Series 7 Brushes


Alright, time to go over my favorite new toy.  A good set of brushes is something that every painter should own, and if you're going to spend a hundreds of dollars on your toys, what's another $50 to be sure you have the best brushes money can buy?

I have been playing with the idea of buying these brushes for years, but it wasn't until recently that I broke down and got some, and I'm glad I did.  These brushes are the difference between night and day to me, now my old GW brushes feel like child's playthings as I deftly slap and dab with these exquisite hair filled artist tools.  They hold a point like none other and the amount of pigment that they keep filled in their bristles is more than adequate.  I recommend using real brush cleaner, instead of mum's tap water to keep these brushes pristine.

When you use them, you may actually feel like a real artist.  This should come as a shock, instead embrace it; slap on a beret, grow a funny mustache and say funny words like "trompe l'oeil" and "chroma" when describing your painting.  With these brushes, you may no longer feel like a child, making marks for attention.

In short, I give these as many thumbs up as I can sever.  If you are interested in them, I recommend Blick Art, since they have them for a hefty discount over their MSRP.