Product review: Forgecraft Games

Hey there I wanted to give my personal review of the company Forgecraft games.  I recently painted my Iron Warriors and used the Waterworks bases for my army.  They are some of the best bases I have seen on the market.  They have a pretty nice selection of bases for both 40K and Fantasy.  Also They have some battle field markers which can be used for Objective markers or wrecked tanks.  Go check them out they are high quality, excellent price and great shipping.  Here are some of my Iron Warriors with the bases for you to see.  Here is the link to the site so you can check out all their amazing product.

Also I am starting a new Blood angels army and plan on using the Lake of Sorrow bases for the army.  Stay tuned for the project logs for that army.

Adam B - Here is a pic of the Waterworks bases that Chris used: