ToS Game 3: Dark Eldar vs Imperial Guard


Mission: Capture and Control (5 Objectives)Deployment: Spearhead

Al's Imperial Guard (from memory):

Company Command Squad (2 plasma, 2 melta, Astropath) Chimera Company Command Squad (2 plasma, 2 melta) Chimera

Psychic Battle Squad

10 Veterans Chimera 10 Veterans Chimera 10 Veterans 10 Veterans 10 Veterans (The Veterans had the usual load out of Plasma Guns and Meltaguns, but it was Game 3 at the end of a long day and I can't remember which squad had what)

Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta

Nick's Dark Eldar (for reference)


-3 Trueborn (3 blasters) Venom (+Splinter Cannon, Night Shields) -3 Trueborn (3 blasters) Venom (+Splinter Cannon, Night Shields) -3 Trueborn (3 blasters) Venom (+Splinter Cannon, Night Shields)

-8 Wyches (Hekatrix, Agonizer, Haywire Grenades) Raider (Night Shields, Flickerfields) -5 Wracks (Acothyst) Raider (Flickerfields) -5 Warriors (Blaster) Venom (+Splinter Cannon, Night Shields) -5 Warriors (Blaster) Venom (+Splinter Cannon, Night Shields)

Ravager (Night Shields, Flickerfields) Ravager (Night Shields, Flickerfields) Ravager (Night Shields, Flickerfields)

Well it's game three at the end of a long day and things get a little hazy for me.  My voice is hoarse, and my mind tired but here's my recollection of the battle.

I found it fortunate that I should play against this army in the "draw" mission.  I don't think I'd have much hope in a Seize Ground mission, but the Cap and Control mission gives me some hope.  My opponent wins the roll to go first and gives me first turn.  Our objectives are deployed in the exact opposite corners of the table.

I opt to have everything except the Warriors (Venoms) come in Dawn of War reserves, the Warriors will enter via regular reserves.  My opponent deploys 3 empty Chimeras.  Two in midfield by his objective, one in midfield towards mine.

Turn One

Everything moves on.  My Trueborn and Wyches move flat out towards his empty Chimeras and his objective.  My Wracks and 3 Ravagers hang out in the corner with my objective and try to get some shots off at the Chimera.  I believe I stun it.

Al's army enters the game.  On foot he has 2 Veteran squads go into a building by his objective.  His Psyker Battle Squad and Company Command squads move up towards the empty Chimeras by his objectives.  Vendettas filled with Veterans move 6" onto the table.  Searchlights?  Oh yeah Searchlights... he lights up a Venom and shoots it down.  He lights up the Raider and shoots it down.  Ouchies.

Turn Two

One of my Warriors come in.  I had originally planned for them to act as Attackers and try to contest my opponents objective.  But after that first round of shooting I come to my senses and hold them back with the Wracks.  I hate playing for the draw, but my opponent just had too much stuff over there that could hurt me.  My new plan?  Lay down supporting fire with the Ravagers and hope my Trueborn and Haywire toting Wyches are enough of a distraction to keep the majority of my opponents forces on his side of the board.

My opponent focuses his fire on my attacking units.  Shooting down another Venom and downing some Trueborn.  At this point, my opponent is sticking around his own objective, save for a lone Vendetta that turbo-boosts over to my side.

Turn Three

My other Warriors come in.  Much like the others, they hang out in my corner, trying to ensure I won't give up my own objective.  So in my corner I have 3 Ravagers, a Wrack Raider and 2 Warrior Venoms.  In the midfield across from my opponents objective I have a Trueborn Venom, 2 living Trueborn and my Wyches / Haemonculi.  Meanwhile, my opponents army is largely untouched.  Shooting this round was inefficient again.  I am getting through my opponents armor but I can't seem to roll above a 2 on the vehicle damage table.  I try to get my Wyches out of their crater in order to multi-assault some tanks, but they roll a 1 and I decide to stay put.

My opponents dice aren't serving him that well either (and much of my stuff is out of range).  His Vendetta and Chimera stun a Ravager.  On the other side, he is able to immobilize the lone Venom, essentially eliminating my chances for a win.  I'm pretty sure he takes out my remaining disembarked Trueborn as well.

Turn Four - Five

As I right this things are getting hazy, so here's the general summary.  My Wyches roll well to get out of cover and make their way towards a CCS.  The Trueborn in the immonbilized Venom immobilize a Chimera.  On the other size, Ravager fire fails to do anything substantial, but Venoms mow down a Veteran squad.  My movement has my defensive vehicles set up in a checkerboard pattern, preventing my opponent from getting too close.

My opponents shooting cleans up the rest of my attacking units.  More shooting downs a Ravager.  He moves two Vendettas into position to contest / control in turn 6, but simply can't get close enough to my objective.

I get lucky and the game ends on turn 5.  If it had gone on, I'm guessing my opponent would have been able to contest.  Although with 5 of my vehicles defending, and the large base of the Vendetta, it might have been hard for him to get close enough.  Also, everything except three Vendettas and a Chimera would have been out of range, making it even more unlikely.  When it's tallied up, I have a mere 285 Skulltaker points to my opponents ~950.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to have come away with a tie, because the firefight was one sided in favor of my opponent.  An important reminder that it's more important to focus on the mission than the opponent.

My opponent was a very nice guy from Philadelphia which made for a pleasant game in any case.  With that, day 1 was over.  I was sporting a 2-0-1 record and ready for day 2.