WM vs. Hordes Battle Report - Circle Orboros vs. Retribution - 25 pts

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This was a 25 point battle between Beau's Circle Orboros and Brendan's Retribution from about a week ago. The battlefield was set up as a sort of Tharn ritual/sacrificial circle and coincidentally Beau brought a Tharn oriented list. Beau's List:

  • Kromac the Ravenous
  • Warpwolf Stalker
  • Gorax
  • Max. Tharn Ravagers + Chieftan
  • Lord of the Feast

Brendan's list:

  • Adeptus Rahn
  • Phoenix
  • Discordia
  • Chimera
  • Battle Mages

Deployment: Brendan won the roll off and decided to deploy and go first. From top to bottom he deployed Discordia, the Phoenix, Rahn, the Battle Mages and the Chimera. Beau deployed Kromac and his battlegroup (top to bottom being the Gorax, Kromac and the Stalker) on the line and, having Advance Deployment, the Tharn Ravagers and Lord of the Feast were placed up 6" further up.

Retribution turn 1: Everything ran forward  (the Chimera going up the left flank), except for Rahn who advacnced and cast Polarity Shield on the Phoenix and Force Field on himself.

Circle turn 1: Kromac cast Wild Aggression on the Stalker and also cast Bestial, then advanced. The Tharn Ravagers ran, the beasts riled & ran and the Lord of the Feast charged the Chimera, doing 6 damage.

A Retribution perspective.

A Circle perspective.

Mano y mano...

Retribution turn 2: The Chimera used Apparition to move 2" away from the Lord of the Feast and Rahn didn't upkeep anything. Rahn used his feat (boosting attack and damage rolls on all friendly faction models magic attacks and increasing the range of non-channeled spells by 2") and channeled Force Hammer through the Chimera, into the Lord of the Feast, slamming him a couple inches and doing 7 damage. The Chimera then charged in and finished him off. Discordia advanced and sprayed at the Ravagers, killing the Chieftan UA. The Phoneix shot at a Ravager, but missed and the scatter did nothing. The Battle Mages advanced and under Rahn's feat killed 3 Ravagers, leaving one of the survivors knocked down from having a Tharn slammed into him.

Circle turn 2: Kromac upkept Wild Aggression, cast Warpath & Bestial and advanced. The Stalker warped +2 STR and charged Discordia, scrapping it. The Tharn attempted to charge, but were out of range and the Gorax riled and ran.

A closer view of the action.

Retribution turn 3: Rahn gave 3 focus to the Phoneix and 1 to the Chimera. The Chimera got 2" closer with Apparition and then ran towards Kromac. The Battle Mages charged (4 on the Stalker and 2 on a Ravager) and managed to kill a Ravager AND the Stalker! The Phoenix advanced to the Gorax and killed it.

Circle turn 3: The Ravagers charged the Battle Mages, killing all but one, who passed his command check. Kromac cast Bestial and charged the Phoenix, using his 4 remaining fury to beat on it. He then did his feat (changing into beast form, gaining up to 7 fury and taking 7 damage) and using all his fury, attacked the Phoenix, reducing it to one box of open fist. The last Battle Mage also passed it's terror check from Kromac's beast form.

A closer view on Kromac.

Retribution turn 4: The last Battle Mage hit Kromac once for one damage point. The Phoenix attacked Kromac & missed and the Chimera tried to charge Kromac, but didn't have the angle and missed (the pillar is toppled for visibility).

Circle turn 4: Kromac stayed in beast form and took 7 points of damage to refill his fury, leaving him with one health. The Ravagers got the charge order, the leader on the Phoenix and the trooper on the Battle Mage. The leader rolled snake eyes to hit the Phoenix with it's charge attack and used the heart token it had on it from killing the Battle Mages to buy another attack, but failed to do damage. The trooper killed the Battle Mage and, using the heart token it got, bought an attack on the Phoenix and doing the one point of damage needed to scrap it. Kromac used his leap ability to move back into the woods and with his two initial attacks, plus two purchased attacks, destroyed the Chimera and sat on 5 fury.

Rahn's (fuzzy) perspective.

Retribution turn 5: Rahn advanced very slightly and Force Hammered the lead Ravager in the hopes that he would slam it into the other one, but it was only slammed 2", taking 2 damage. He then Telekinesised himself 2" back.

Circle turn 5: The knocked down Ravager got up and advanced while the other ran forward to engage him. Kromac advanced towards Rahn and then leapt closer, behind cover.

Retribution turn 6: Rahn moved up, killed the Ravager engaging him, used the beatback to move 1" away from Kromac and then used Telekinesis to move 2" more away.

Circle turn 6: The Ravager charged Rahn, hitting, but doing no damage. Kromac advanced and leapt to follow up behind it.

Retribution turn 7: Rahn cast Force Hammer at the Ravager, slamming it into Kromac and doing exactly the one point of damage needed to kill him.