Ork Tactics: I'm da Boss cause I'm da biggest!


Chris here with a article on the ork war boss. Warbosses are close combat monsters. With strength and toughness 5 and 4 base attacks they are a force to be reckoned with. In this guide I am going to talk about all the different options, load outs and reasons why a warboss should be taken. So here we go...

Let's start with the special rules:

  • Furious charge: + 1 strength + 1 int
  • Mob rule: ld = number of models in the unit. Basically 11 or more models= fearless
  • Waaagh!: once per game orks have fleet.
  • Turns a nob squad or mega nob squad into troops. That is a big plus!

All these rules just add to the Warbosses close combat superiority.


  • Big choppa: 5 points. Add 2 to str. Not bad makes a warboss str 8 on a charge. But not a power weapon
  • Power klaw: doubles str for 25 points pretty much a no brainer with str 10 power weapon he will smash everything. The only down side is furious charge means nothing with a power klaw.
  • Shoot/rokkit: 5 points makes your shoot a have a one shit rokkit. Not worth it IMO
  • Shoota/skorcha: 5 point and the best option to take if you have a big choopa or power klaw.
  • Twin shoota: 5 points again not that great. Orks have a low bs and twin linking it isn't worth the points.
  • Mega Armour: 40 points you replace all gear with 2+ save shoota and power klaw. Down side is you are slowed down.
  • Warbike: 40 points +1 toughness, 4+ save and 4+ cover save, dakkagun, and you move really fast. Not alot of down sides to this.
  • Ammo runt: 3 points not worth it at all.
  • Attack squig: 15 points. Let me just say this is a 100% must on all warbosses. It is the best spent 15 points in the game.
  • Cybork body: 10 points give a warboss a 5++ save. A must have for sure.
  • Bosspole: 5 points. Not a bad investment if you want the re-roll.
  • Eavy armour: 5 points for 4+ save. Not to bad I take it on my warboss.

Here are some sample load outs for a warboss.

Warboss 1: slugga, choopa, eavy armor, attack squig, cybork body 90 points. This guy on the charge has 7 attacks at str 6. That's pretty nasty but they don't ignore armor. So the best way to make use of this warboss is to send him after low toughness low armor troops. Maybe light tanks.

Warboss 2: shoota/skorcha, big choopa, eavy armor, attack squig, cybork body 100 points. This guy has one less attack but is not str 8 on the charge. This will auto kill almost all characters, punch a hole in any tank or hurt any monstrous creature, and still strike at initiative. The down side is again doesn't ignore armor.

Warboss 3: shoota/skorcha, power klaw, eavy armor, attack squig, cybork body 120 points. This is the warboss for killing pretty much anything. He is str 10 ignores armor, auto kills all infantry. Downside is he strikes at int 1.

For a warbike warboss it's all the same as above but take off ranged weapons and armor cause the bike comes with it. As for mega armor, I am not a fan if it. I'd rather take ghaz as a mega armor warboss.

My personal opinion is a foot based warboss cause I love my battlewagons but a bike warboss is still really nasty and will scare a lot of people. Well I hope you enjoyed my article and will be back for more write ups in the near future.