Product Review: Secret Weapon Pigments


It's no secret, I like my IG tanks to look beat, weathered and generally like filthy rust buckets.  While at KublaCon this year, I came across a vendor slinging various wares.  Deep in the corner of his booth, I saw a diamond in the rough, Secret Weapon pigments. These pigments are reasonably priced and come in a nice variety of colors, including some which I've never seen other companies carry (such as bright blue).  After looking around on their website, I've also found that they do tutorials using their product, which produce stunning results very easily.

Here's one tutorial that I especially liked:

I'll be posting my own tutorials and results once I get a decent enough camera again, I'm still mourning the loss of my old one.  Until then, I suggest reading through the Secret Weapon blog and checking out what they have to offer.  If you're just getting into weathering, this is a great resource.