Conversion Corner: Sly Marbo

Sly is one bad mother... This has to be my favorite all time character in the Imperial Guard army.  I have had Sly single handedly kill a Warboss, then run down his squad.  He has lived full games absorbing fire from Hive Guard and Zoanthropes, only to turn around and punch them in the face.  I actually consider any game where Sly doesn't die an overwhelming victory... and he never dies.

With all the awesomeness that Sly Marbo is, the sculpt is not.  Maybe that's a bit harsh, it's not terrible, but it's not exactly evocative of the most bad ass guardsmen of the 41st millennium either.  Also, his bulging biceps, cargo pants and silly knife don't exactly fit well into my Defenders of Velingrad army either.  I set upon the task of creating a model that is as awesome as awesome of a sculpt as he is in the game.

With that, I present to you, Comrade Marbovich:

The uncaring facial expression, nonchalantly toting his sledgehammer, about to light another improvised democharge with his cigar.  When placed a few inches from most monstrous creatures in the game, he stares coldly into their eyes, knowing he's about to shove that gas can down it's throat and put his thumb up it's arse, just to see if he can.