Marching on the Beast-path to the Bay Area Open

With the Bay Area Open coming up, I really need to get the ball rolling on my Beastmen.  I already have 2 units of painted gors, a unit of painted Bestigors and Ungor raiders.  I've got 20 Gors, 20 Bestigors and a couple chariots to go!  I've got 7 weeks to do this, and my goal is to get the basic paint done, as well as a stage of highlighting and a display board.  At the same time, I'm going to try and keep with my goal of one painted IG squad a week for my Valhallan blog, so lets see if I can do this! To start with, I'm getting my lone Razorgor out of the way.  Lets face it, the GW Razorgor model is crap.  I started with the normal  boar from the new Boar Boyz kit, and used some sprue to space out the body about 4-5mm.  After filling the gap with some greenstuff, I put on a Chaos Spawn arm as a tail and cut up some plasticard as well as some plasticard rods to make armor plates and large spikes.  Overall, I'm quite pleased with the result.

Pardon the photography, I'm having to make due with a little point and shoot until I replace my DSLR.