KublaCon 40k Results & Metagame


So after KublaCon, my friend Pete decided to do a bit of a breakdown on the people that came to KublaCon to get a feel of what the bay area has to offer.  This was by no means a huge tournament, but it definitely helps to get an idea. As much as I'd like to say, "Yeah! Dark Angels and SoB on top of the game!" I can't, there was only one player using each of those armies. It is interesting however to see that there was only 1 Space Wolf player!

Army Avg Battle Points # Players
Dark Angels 49 1
Sisters of Battle 43 1
Blood Angels 43 6
Grey Knights 42 3
Orks 39 5
Eldar 38 3
Tyranids 37 6
Imperial Guard 35 4
Space Marines 34 2
Dark Eldar 33 2
Chaos Space Marines 32 6
Chaos Daemons 32 2
Tau 28 3
Space Wolves 19 1


You can see a pretty pie chart of that information here:

  You can find the full results here: KublaCon 2011 40k Results Or just the Battle Points here: KublaCon 2011 40k Battle Points

If you take a look at the comp scores, I am really shocked to see any Tyranid list only rated 3/15, the only other person rated that low was a Grey Knight player, unfortunately, I think he was a victim of winning with a bad army. I don't have the list handy, but if you look at the pic below, it definitely isn't a "cheese" list. In fact, most of the termagants in the pic below were just for spawning with his single Tervigon.

Featured army picture at the top of the page belongs to Jason Rockhill, Best Overall, KublaCon 2011, good job Jason!