Trip to Blick


Hey guys, I just got back from Blick with a haul of paints and supplies to use on my upcoming weathering projects.  MIG makes various oil paints with fancy names, but they are literally the same thing that you can find in just about any art supply store! Here's a quick rundown of what I picked up:

  • 38 mL Burnt Umber oil color
  • 37 mL Indian Red oil color
  • 38 mL Yellow Ochre oil color
  • 38 mL Cadmium Orange Hue oil color
  • 38 mL Burnt Sienna oil color
  • 6B solid graphite pencil
  • Silver metallic colored pencil
  • Pewter metallic colored pencil
  • Silver grey colored pencil
  • Burnt Umber colored pencil
  • Dark grey colored pencil
  • Compressed pastel chalks, assorted earth and flesh tones
  • Odorless mineral spirits
  • Cheap brushes

Between the chalks and oil paints, you can be that I'm going to have some pretty grungy looking vehicles, I can't wait!

PS - If you want to get some Windsor & Newton series 7 brushes, check out, it's by far the best price I've ever seen for them.

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