Ork Tactikz: Preface, or Why Orkz is Da best!


Chris here I will be going over the Warhammer 40K ork army.  I will be doing project logs, Tactic posts on different units and army lists.

Some of the best things the Orks bring to the table are their sheer volumes of numbers.  Also Orks can bring the pain in terms of tanks with one of the nastiest tanks in the game the battlewagon!  I will go into detail on all of the Ork Special characters and how to best use them.  I will be posting some different army logs and how to use them the best what I feel is the best way to have a Nob squad load out.  How many lootas is too many or not enough?  Shoota boys or slugga boys?  Also are War buggies worth it?  These and many more things will be covered.

Also in most of my blogs I will try to post pictures of my orks.  I might not be a pro painter or modeler but I feel its not half bad.

So stay tuned folks more orky goodness is on the way!