Dark Angels painting progress

Here is a look at how my Fallen are coming along.  The black is done by mixing a small amount of Charadon Granite into the black before I paint it on.  This allows me to shade and highlight it like any other paint.  The result is a natural looking black that still has shadows. The bases, bolters and backpacks have rust done done with konte crayon and rubbing alcohol (I'll post a tutorial for this soon), the flash brightens the rust a bit, but in the darker pictures, you can see what it really looks like.  The edges of the armor have been gently sponged with terracotta, and then chainmail, giving it a heavily worn appearance.

The robes are simply Calthan Brown, shaded with Delvan Mud, then highlighted with Calthan, followed by 3:1 Calthan Brown and Dheneb Stone.