Workbench: Summer 2019


Wow, it has been a crazy summer for me! Between running the Rose City Raid, camping and playing with the family, it’s no surprise that I haven’t had as much hobby time. That’s fine though, summers are for playing. Today I’ve decided to share some of the projects I’ve been working on.



No surprise that I’m still plugging away with Infinity. I haven’t has as much time to play lately, but I’ve been busy assembling my Steel Phalanx for our escalation league. I’ve sold off my CHA and TAK, making room in the case for an army I’ve put off doing from the beginning. I just love painting character models, so I’m really looking forward to slapping some paint on them. That will have to wait though, since my current painting goal with Infinity is to get my USARF complete (just in time for an update, yay!).


Age of Sigmar

While I haven’t played AoS in a while, I’ve started to dabble again. I love my Beastclaw Raiders, and when I have had time to paint, I’ve been plugging away at the Frostlord. Furthermore, I’ve picked up a Sylvaneth army, which is just a boatload of fun to build and convert. Like my BCR, I’m keeping the army fairly small and compact, but I’m mixing in a lot of characterful conversions and basing to really make them look spectacular on the table.



I couldn’t resist the beautiful minis that GW produced with Warcry, leading me to pick up the starter set and the Corvus Cabal. Once I get enough games under my belt I’ll do a full review, though what I’ve experienced so far is a surprisingly well smooth running game, that is loads of fun.



What is this?! Is Adam going back to the competitive cesspool of 40k? Well, mostly no, but kind of yes. I still like the 40k universe, but I really can’t stand the game in it’s current incarnation. Recently, Pete and our friend Garin, have been playing 2nd edition… I scoured through my collection of books, finding most of the codexes, all of the wargear cards, psychic deck, datafaxes, etc., but most importantly, I found a large sack full of old Squat minis. Well, it looks like after I brush off a few decades of dust, the stunties may ride again, hopefully with some modern paint jobs. Someone on the Squat 40k Facebook group made a 3d model for an Iron Eagle, fitted to count-as a Valkyrie, which I’m hoping to then modify again to have the original armament.


Going Forward

So, with all these goodies, what does it mean going forward? Hopefully some more interesting content beyond my thoughts of how to use X unit for Y sectorial, haha. While I do enjoy writing those articles, I’m going to take a little break, write up more about the hobby, my various projects, and the things that inspire me to play with expensive space dolls.