Rose City Raid 2019: The Terrain

It’s no secret, I love terrain. One of my goals in running the Rose City Raid this year was to advocate for the use of more Special Terrain in Infinity. In order to do this, I did two main things. First, anyone who was bringing tables for the event had to include some terrain on their board, which terrain rules could be applied to. Second, I created cards for each table, which would correspond with the terrain elements outlining their rules in the game.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 9.27.29 AM.png

So with these cards on the tables, players could quickly know exactly what terrain rules applied to each piece of terrain, without having to cross reference any charts in the rulebook. It also removed the need to discuss just how dense any woods may be. If you want to print out your own terrain terrain cards, here is where you can download my cards in PDF format (without the RCR logo):

Something else important to note, since many of us come from backgrounds playing other game systems, there are some conventions that other games use, that are not in the rules for Infinity.

I played Warhammer 40k and Fantasy for over 20 years, and during all that time, trees on a base were meant to be more abstract than absolute, you could pick them up and move them around all you wish. Similarly, Infinity does have terrain zones, but nowhere in the rules does it say to pick up individual scenery elements within a terrain zone, such as a tree in the woods. By playing RAW, using woods in Infinity can both provide cover (from the tree itself) as well as applying the effects of the Terrain Zone.

If you’d like to know more, I’ve written an entire article on the rules of terrain in Infinity: Infinity 101: Special Terrain.


Pretty Pictures

Alright, with all that preface aside, lets get to the pretty pictures! This is a collection of my favorite photographs of the terrain in use at the event, in no particular order.

All of our photography for the event was courtesy of Brian Nichols from Mini Boss Studios.