TDA's Workbench: Worldbuilding


It's been a crazy couple of weeks. The Rose City Raid is coming up quickly and I am busy with all the preparations. This week I've been cranking out the rest of my island table, then turned my attention to some cityscape terrain too. Finally I've got some work done on my Ikari/Druze army, as well as finishing the primer for my Dropfleet Commander UCM.



Still getting prepared for the Rose City Raid, I've put the finishing touches on my island table, which is now COMPLETE! I'll be revealing it at the tournament, so until then, you'll have to use your imagination of what it all looks like together, but I'm incredibly excited.

Not only have I finished the islands, but I've also built standard objectives for every single table, so there is no question of if they block LOF, and there will be no ambiguity between what is a piece of scatter terrain, and what is a console. To make things better, I've been cranking out a mess of Black Sheep Industries terrain (which is amazing for the price) to see if I can't squeeze in one more table worth of terrain.


For my actual miniatures, I've been converting a squad of Brawlers for my Ikari/Druze. They're based off of the Muyibs, with a fair bit of greenstuff work. The Hacker is blurred out for now, since I've entered it into the Mayacast Master Glass competition, so you'll have to wait!


Dropfleet Commander

Still making steady progress, I've taken a minute to primer the rest of my fleet, next step is to begin airbrushing! I'm doing the whole army at once, assembly-line style, so we will see if I get them painted in a reasonable amount of time! Fortunately since they're all painted using the same techniques, it should go pretty quickly.