From TDA's Workbench

This week on my workbench, I've cranked out a ton of space ships, some bad ass bikers (but don't call them babes!), color coded my Blood Bowl Humans, and a bit more progress on the Obelisk Islands.



In addition to making some minor progress on my Ikari, I'm getting very close to finishing my game board. I've completed all the painting needed on the islands, which involved a few more layers of drybrushing and washing to bring the rocky islands to the brighter tone that I prefer. To finish them off I've got to get the flock down, which I'm trying a few different methods for, which will hopefully keep it from looking too uniform (the one with the all green top still needs some work).


Dropfleet Commander

I've gone whole hog and assembled all that I had left to build for my UCM fleet, which included a second fleet box, battle ship, and two blisters of Destroyers (I'll get a third eventually). Now to wash and primer them!


Blood Bowl

I haven't made a whole ton of progress on the team, but getting the basing materials down helped a lot to separate them visually from the bases. While I was at it, I decided that I would follow the old Blood Bowl base edge coloring conventions, which helps make them quickly identifiable on the pitch. This has already served well, while helping to teach my FLGS owner the game. You can see one lineman back there that I was testing some ideas on, but he's got a bit more work to do before I'm ready to show off the team colors in their entirety.