Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge 2018!

Ordo Fanaticus.png

The Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge is fast approaching! This year the event will OFCC will be held from Friday,  August 24 thru August 26, at the Hilton located at 301 W 6th Street in downtown Vancouver, Washington. The Club Challenge will feature two Infinity Events.
This year’s event is the Infinity Team Challenge.  Each team will consist of three players. The players will be able to use  two  single, 200 point, limited insertion lists. A single 12 point Spec Op is needed with each list. All models need to be painted to a three color minimum. 
The Team Challenge is a narrative event.  Scoring will be based on sportsmanship, painting, achievements, and theme. The event is going to be different this year a little different this year. 
First, since this is team event, we are encouraging and rewarding team banners, team shirts, and team army displays. Anything that displays your unity will have merit. Bring team patches, dice, smoke templates ……. Don’t let us limit you. Surprise us. Team give aways for the prize pool are encouraged
Second, each team is required to bring a table and not just any table. Bring your best painted table. Show off your hobby glory. Not only is there an award for best table from the overall event, but points will be awarded on the quality, theme, and ingenuity. Like last year, we want to intrigue and amazing the gamers from other systems with our terrain. As a reminder please make sure your table is playable,
Infinity is a cooperative game system. We want everybody to have a great time and will be awarding points for sportsmanship with each game. We are playing with toy soldiers. Let’s have fun!  
The Infinity Team Challenge is not an ITS, but we will count wins and losses and well as a a check list of achievements.  Each player will be given a list of goals. There are over thirty. You can only score them once. It may be impossible to reach them all. Try your best to complete them all during your five games.

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