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Soldiering on, I've been getting a game table ready for the Rose City Raid, converting a few odd Infinity pieces, and further preparing my UCM fleet for domination! These posts have been great to help keep me motivated. This table is about to be wrapped up, I can't wait to show it off... then maybe I can stop getting distracted from my USAriadna.



I've been hard at work getting my table ready for the Rose City Raid, which is coming in just a couple months, I'm so excited! This will be one of the top tables, where people will be required to maneuver around tons of difficult and extremely difficult terrain. It changes the game a ton when you use terrain rules, and I'm a huge advocate for them, so be sure to bring some multi-terrain when you come!

My table's debut at my local ITS. Still some flocking and dry-brushing, but loved seeing it in use.

My table's debut at my local ITS. Still some flocking and dry-brushing, but loved seeing it in use.

I took a minute to customize my Daiyokai for the Ikari Company. After looking at some different samurai head crests, I really came to like the idea of an octopus hat. I decided it could easily tie in as his personal symbol, rather than a military or family affiliation, as he is dual wielding, he could strike from all directions, as if fighting an octopus. I also made a little octopus toy hanging from the hilt of his sword, perhaps a keepsake of life before the Uprising? Who knows what drives this mysterious warrior, now only known as Tako No Bōshi.

I'm already toying with ideas for the game table that will go with the basing of my Ikari (as my desert table matches my USAriadna, and the island table matches my Combined). An abandoned Bushido shrine, strip clubs, arms dealers, warehouses, litter and garbage, very Novvy Bangkok. It should be quite the wretched hive.


Dropfleet Commander

Despite being busy with Infinity, I've managed to squeeze in assembling a few more ships for my UCM fleet. By getting a second fleet box, a battleship, and a pair of Destroyer blisters, I now have all the ships I could ever need. Now just to get them all painted! I've committed to not doing a second fleet until next Adepticon, and my UCM has to be fully painted first, so we'll see... But I'm pretty sure it will be Shaltari.

I couldn't resist assembling my new heavy tonnage ships first, a bit of gap filling and they'll be ready for primer.