Lets get Boozy with the Druze-y

Hello everyone and happy New Year!

Readers who have followed along with my adventures through Warhammer would know me as having a bit of faction ADD, hopping from one army to another. As of starting Infinity however, I've stuck to Combined and USAriadna*... that is until now! This year, I'll be spending some time giving the Druze some love on the table, though I'll continue to hammer out my USAriadna paint jobs, hopefully finishing the whole sectorial before the end of the season.

In the same spirit as my tackling of USAriadna, you can expect me to go through the army, unit by unit, and break down how to use them on the table. It will probably be a month before I get too involved with that though, because just like with my other armies, I don't like talking about what I haven't tried!

Why Druze?

When I first started Infinity, I thought the idea of mercenaries bullying people around in space was awesome. My friends spoke of long lost rumors and legends that one day Mercenaries would be playable, and right then I said, if Corvus Belli comes out with a Mercenary army, I'll be all over it. Personally, I love the fluff behind the Druze, they are quintessential scum and villainy style soldiers of fortune. When the Outrage scenarios came out, I almost made an army of them, despite knowing I couldn't use them in ITS events. I stalled however, since new models were on the horizon, and to all of our surprise, they announced the Druze Bayram sectorial, even before the new minis were on the shelf.

What followed was me cutting pins, filing mold lines and assembling models at a (literally) blistering pace. I can now proudly say that I have a Druze Bayram army ready for action!


The low number of options in the army is, at least for me, a big plus. I like collection all the available options for the factions I play, but I don't like getting totally buried in choices at the same time. Instead of bogging the army down with a lot of different units, they did an amazing job making the Druze, with the help of the Brawlers, an incredibly diverse link choice.

Yes, those are my half-painted Grunts standing next to the mercenary TAGs. I've got quite a collection of Druze ready for battle, though I'm waiting on 3 Meteor Zonds to arrive in the mail still (to use as Pathfinders). The army is fantastically compact, though it does have a mountain of remotes, which were the source of aforementioned blisters. After this is all ready to go, I'll probably do what I did with USA and fill out the AVA of units with conversions and proxies (Govad Rifle + Light Shotgun as my second Hunzakut, etc), because who doesn't need 4 Bashi Bazouk?

*I don't count my ISS as I've never got them on the table, they're probably going to get sent to the chopping block. It's just too big an army to be a small side project.