USAriadna Guidebook

“Come with me if you want to learn… about USARF!”

“Come with me if you want to learn… about USARF!”

This year I'm off to a happy start with my USAriadna. The Blackjack is finally out, so now I can play the entirety of the sectorial without any proxies (woohoo!). Over the last year I've written a lot of articles about USAriadna, or tactics which they are known to employ. Instead of having to scour through my blog posts, I've consolidated them all here for your enjoyment. I'll do my best to keep this post updated as I create more content, so bookmark/favorite it if you'd like to be kept up to date with my latest USAriadna musings.

Tactics Articles

Unit Analysis


Battle Reports

These battle reports were not written by me, but one of my favorite local opponents, Jon (WiseKensai). He does a great job of writing a battle report of every game he's played, so here are the ones I found that feature him going against my USAriadna: