Shadow Wars: Pit Slave Gangs on Armageddon!

Back in my Necromunda playing youth, my favorite gang that I ever ran was my Pit Slaves. Close combat brutes fighting for the freedom on an inherently oppressive world, scavenging a meager existence deep in the Underhive, and hunted relentlessly by Guilders. When the first rumors of a new version of Necromunda started to surface, I started to get excited to make a new gang of these savage escapees. When the rules finally came out, I was a little disappointed to see that it didn't include any gangs from the previous iteration. Now that Shadow War Armageddon has been out a while, a lot of people have been coming up with house-rules for their old teams. Inspired by a fantastic version of Underhive Gangs rules that I found, I went ahead and translated the Pit Slave rules from the Necromunda Community Edition to a format that more closely matches the new edition.

For your viewing pleasure, I present Pit Slave Gangs for Shadow Wars Armageddon. Also included are rules for other denizens of the Underhive, the Underhive Scum, Ratskin (Native) Scout, and Wyrds.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated!