HSN3: Morat Fireteams


Hello fellow Morats! Today I've started a place for us all to get together and talk about the tactics of the Morat Aggression Force. Human Sphere N3 has brought us a treasure trove of new options for obliterating our foes, specifically around the massive variety of link teams that we now have. To get the conversation rolling, I've decided to write my initial thoughts on the various fire teams available to our army. Since we are running a sectorial, obviously a major part of our strength will be out of getting the most of the fireteams available to us.

Morat Vanguard Infantry (Core)


First up we have the meat and potatoes of the Morat Aggression Force, the humble Vanguard Infantry. On their own, they don't look overly impressive. They have a fairly standard stat line and cost a few more points than most other armies cheerleaders (which is not new for Combined players), but for those extra points you get the most reliable infantry in the game. I wont belabor the point in other entries, but the Morat rule, which includes both Veteran L1 and Religious mean that your troops will act with total predictability during the game, you won't duck for cover leaving a lane open for enemy advance, unless you TRY to do so.

Probably the most common use for a Vanguard fireteam is going to be a defensive link, holding the back line and providing some ugly ARO's for the opponent. My preferred defensive link is:

  • Vanguard Missile Launcher: 19/1.5
  • Vanguard Missile Launcher: 19/1.5
  • Vanguard Forward Observer: 15
  • Vanguard Forward Observer: 15
  • Vanguard Paramedic: 16
  • Total: 84/3.0

If you have the SWC to spare (which might be rare in Morats) then upgrading one of the Forward Observers to a Hacker is an interesting option, as it is our cheapest source of supportware, though you may not get a whole ton more mileage out of it than that.

Now, if you're making a list WITHOUT a Vanguard link, that doesn't mean that Vangaurd are worthless! Aside from being the cheapest Hacker with Supportware in the sectorial, they are also a cheap way to get models defending your backfield on Suppressive fire. Sometimes you'll want that defense, especially against some of the faster or sneakier lists out there. Just because you're a sectorial doesn't mean you can't enjoy the benefits of coordinated order Suppressive Fire.

Kurgats (Haris)


I really do enjoy the addition of Haris links to the various sectorials in the game, and Kurgats are no exception. They're only a few points more than a standard Vangaurd and have some really awesome gear. They are all Engineers out of the gate, so your Haris link of them will all be great for handling objectives, and additionally, they all carry antipersonnel mines and D-charges! For ITS missions, these guys bring the whole bag of tricks.

Their options for the Haris team are rather limited, you'll always have one model with the MK12, effectively a Damage 15 rifle, and after that, personally, I'd like to conserve points and back it up with two boarding shotguns.

  • Kurgat: Boarding shotgun, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines: 17
  • Kurgat: Boarding shotgun, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines: 17
  • Kurgat (Haris): Mk12, D-Charges, Antipersonnel Mines: 24/1
  • Total: 58/1

For not a whole ton of points you have a Haris team that has the potential to be extraordinarily frustrating for the opponent. They're even another candidate for spending command tokens, moving up the board in Haris before breaking to do coordinated minelaying.

Yaogat (Core, Haris)


The first fireteam that we'll talk about that has multiple ways to form a link. As before, they can make a core fireteam. All models are equipped with a MSV2 making a mockery of enemy camo, ODD and smoke grenades, though does come with the draw back of dealing with White Noise and Albedo. They are moderately priced medium infantry with a host of ranged weapons, most noteably a MULTI Sniper Rifle, Spitfire, and plenty of Panzerfaust. Yaogats specialist options are limited to only the Hacker, with a standard EI Hacking Device, and interestingly their boarding shotgun armed variant has the option of being Number Two.

Personally, I find them a bit lackluster for a Core fire team, but that said, IF I were to do it, this is how:

  • Yaogat Spitfire: 32/1.5
  • Yaogat Combi Rifle + Panzerfaust: 29/0.5
  • Yaogat Combi Rifle + Panzerfaust: 29/0.5
  • Yaogat Hacker (EI Hacking Device): 36/0.5
  • Yaogat Number Two with Boarding shotgun: 28
  • Total: 154/3.0

They're definitely an up close and in your face unit, pummeling the enemy at range with panzerfaust before closing in to Spitfire and Combi Rifle range. You can even attempt risky shots in the active turn with those panzerfaust without risking the link thanks to the Number Two in the link.

Now, a much more likely scenario would be to use the Yaogats as your Haris team, which might fill a similar role:

  • Yaogat (Haris) Combi Rifle + Panzerfaust: 30/0.5
  • Yaogat Spitfire: 32/1.5
  • Yaogat Number Two with Boarding shotgun: 28
  • Total: 90/2.0

This is what I love about Yaogats. For a moderate price point, you have a link that is going to get up close and obliterate camo. The panzerfaust with MSV2 is just an amazing combination of gear, and you don't miss out as the Haris profile comes with it, the Spitfire covers the mid-ranges quite well and with B5 and ignoring camo on BS12, you'll shred most anything in cover, and if you make it close enough, the Boarding Shotgun can finish the job. I opted for Number Two on the boarding shotgun, because for 1 point it's not a bad bit of insurance.

Rodoks (Core)


Most everyone's favorite link in the army, Rodoks are just amazing. Similarly cost to the Yaogats, the Rodoks are the ultimate point blank firefight masters. Their cheapest profile comes with a boarding shotgun and mines, and arguably their "standard" is toting a combi rifle with pair of light shotguns... which are not normally impressive, until you get shot in the face by B4 templates firing at BS21 in a full link. They lack mid-ranged special weaponry, and instead have a couple options for long range, both HMGs and Missile Launchers. For specialists they have the choice between Paramedics and Hackers (EI Assault Hacking Device), both of which are armed with boarding shotguns and mines.

I've heard some love for the missile launcher, which makes sense, with Mimetism and BS12 they are great at some of the longer-ranged fire fights, but I like my Rodoks to get the most of their super jumping shotguns and close in fast. Instead of taking a Missile Launcher (or two), I instead focus on an HMG, then lots and lots of templates:

  • Rodok Combi rifle, 2 light shotguns: 26
  • Rodok Combi rifle, 2 light shotguns: 26
  • Rodok HMG: 27/1.5
  • Rodok Paramedic, boarding shotgun, mines: 21
  • Rodok Hacker, boarding shotgun, mines: 25/0.5
  • Total: 125/2.0

Ultimately, it's not a very expensive link at all, and they have all the tools they need to make short work of the enemy within 8", and while you're closing the gap, the HMG is always a fun tool.

Suryats (Core, Haris, Duo)


One of the few units in the game (maybe the only, I haven't looked that hard) that has the full trifecta of fireteam options, and the only Duo team available to Morats. Suryats are no-nonsense heavy infantry, they only bring tools for killing (no specialists), and frankly do it quite well. Sadly there is only one model out for them at the moment, but I really can't wait for a box full of choices. To help them accomplish missions though, Suryats can be joined by a single Raktorak (all are Special Operative) in either their Core or Haris options, which also helps keep their point cost in check. Most of the profiles for Suryats bring some sort of Fire based ammunition, Vulkan shotguns, Combi + light flamethrower, the only one that isn't burning the enemy to a cinder is the trusty HMG, which is damn near an auto-include due to being able to take a TinBot A for a mere 1 point more than not.

If your'e going to take a Core team of Suryats, you're doing it so that they can murder as much of the enemy as possible, so having a variety of weapons is probably the way to go. Coincidentally, it's not very hard to take 5 of them without overlapping weapons:

  • Raktorak combi rifle + heavy flame thrower: 23
  • Suryat vulkan shotgun: 37
  • Suryat MULTI rifle + light flamethrower: 41
  • Suryat HMG, TinBot A: 45/2.0
  • Suryat heavy rocket launcher: 39/2.0
  • Total: 185/4.0

Now, that's nearly 2/3 of your entire army in 5 models, for those of us who like to keep things a bit more reasonable, there's the humble Haris team choice. This doesn't have the long range bravado of the previous team, but does provide a mobile team with some hard hitting firepower that can get up close and secure an objective:

  • Raktorak vulkan shotgun: 22
  • Suryat heavy rocket launcher: 39/2.0
  • Suryat (Haris) combi-rifle + light flamethrower, TinBot A: 38/1
  • Total: 99/3

Another view on the situation is to maximize the effect of having a 3-man link, and making sure that you are really putting that +1 Burst into action. My only qualm with this idea is that to use the Red Fury, you are putting the units specialist at risk, but as long as you don't NEED him to survive to win the game, you can use the Heavy Rocket while advancing, forcing ARO's on the tougher to kill model, then when you close the gap, lay waste with the Red Fury:

  • Raktorak red fury: 26/1
  • Suryat heavy rocket launcher: 39/2.0
  • Suryat (Haris) combi-rifle + light flamethrower, TinBot A: 38/1
  • Total: 103/4

Now, when you want to use your Haris elsewhere (like Yaogats) you STILL have an option left for the Suryats. They will not be able to take a Raktorak, so cannot accomplish most objectives, and they wont get +1 burst for being in a link, but they will move up the board twice as efficiently. Because of this, I really think the way to go is to move them up into a defensible position, taking advantage of their total Armor 7 (including cover), go into Suppressive Fire and just being a massive pain in your opponents neck:

  • Suryat MULTI rifle + light flamethrower: 41
  • Suryat MULTI rifle + light flamethrower: 41
  • Total: 82/0

With all the options available to the army, I really can't wait for these guys to get a box of models.

Daturazi (Core)


One of the classic options from before the Daturazi don't actually need a whole lot written about them. Generally speaking, if you're linking them, it's to control their Impetuous movement. If you're not already juggling link teams between Hungries and something else, then you can easily do it with Daturazi. Linking them at the start of the game means they will not be impetuous turn 1, so you can move up the board with B2 smoke hitting on 20's, creating an impenetrable wall of smoke for your other units to advance safely behind. Once they've moved into the desired position, simply break the link and reform your actual link (like Rodoks or Vanguard). Equipment-wise, like many warbands, I just take cheapest profile available, they're there to bash heads in melee, not to engage in long-range firefights.

Oznat and Hungries (Core)


The least expensive core link in the army, the Oznat and Hungries can actually offer some surprising utility to the game. Much like Daturazi, they're not bringing any specialists, which makes them tricky to consider for your core fireteam, but that said, you can move them into position before breaking the link for another unit in your army to take advantage of. Previously, the Oznat only had one profile, but has recently been upgraded with a second, armed with Vulkan shotgun and smoke grenades. Despite the lower range on the grenades from the grenade launcher, this is the profile I prefer the most, thanks to the Oznat's PH being higher than her BS. While advancing they're doing so under the cover of B2 smoke hitting on 19's, making them surprisingly difficult for oncoming enemy fire.

Once in position you can let them loose, though if you can actually make it into combat, it's probably worth maintaining the link. With CC19 and PH14, they can be quite the nuisance. Not to mention, B2 dogged chain rifles can really give people headaches, almost always forcing a dodge, and even if they do shoot, it will not be enough to stop you. Sometimes it's just fun to pump orders into them until they're out of things to kill, or all the Pretas are dead.

  • Oznat vulkan shotgun, smoke grenades: 20
  • Preta: 7
  • Preta: 7
  • Preta: 7
  • Preta: 7
  • Total: 48

Kornak Gazarot (Core*, Haris*)


The famous and infamous Kornak brings a ton of Utility to the Morat army. Strategos L1 plus Morat means there is almost no reason to not use him as your Lieutenant, you're getting 11 orders in a single combat group and if he dies, most of your army wont care! He is a monster in close combat, boasting CC22 and Berserk, but is no slouch at range with BS14 and a Mk12. Kornak is able to form a Core fire team with Suryats, though I would keep that for 400 point games only, but what is more interesting is that he can form Haris with either Suryats and Sogorats (the Haris rule is provided by Kornak himself). In a Suryat link, since he is providing Haris, you can take any other two you like, effectively giving you a Haris with a SWC discount. My preferred link with Kornak however is with Sogorats, as I'm sure it is with most Morats:

  • Kornak Gazarot: 41
  • Sogorat AP HMG: 56/2.o
  • Sogorat feuerbach: 57/1.5
  • Total: 154/3.5

With over half of your army wrapped up in 3 models, you'd better be sure that the rest of your orders are coming cheap (perhaps a Vangaurd link?). They have some absurd firepower with a B5 AP HMG, B4 Mk12, or more terrifying a B2 EXP Feuerbach on the ARO. While Kornak is fairly tough with Arm 3 and NWI, in this link it's best to hide him and let the far tougher Sogorats take the hits. One of the scarriest parts of HSN3 is that if a Sogorat goes down and Automedikit's to come back, it will automatically re-join the link again at the beginning of the next turn, not requiring the expenditure of a Command Token.

Treitak Anyat (Core*)


The second linkable character is Treitak Anyat, and she is only linkable with Vanguard. Much like many other characters however, she does bring a massive took kit of gear, and when given the extra bonuses of a link, can really increase the effectiveness of the unit. Treitak is a Special Operative armed with K1 Combi, Smoke and E/M Grenades, and Climbing Plus. She can get where you need her and make sure an objective is secured. An interesting part about her is that she is providing Smoke for a unit that cannot otherwise take it, the downside however is that Vanguard are primarily a longer-ranged unit, and she wants to get up the board for objectives. When taking a link with her, I think that a weapon to cover range is always solid, but afterwards, you're going to focus on objectives and mid-ranged firefights.

  • Treitak Anyat: 25
  • Vanguard HMG: 22/1.0
  • Vanguard light grenade launcher: 18/1.0
  • Vanguard paramedic: 16
  • Vanguard (EI Hacking Device): 22/0.5
  • Total: 103/2.5

Obviously, tailor to match your needs, if the Hacker is not needed to help the rest of the army (like not having remotes), then you can save a few points downgrading to a Forward Observer.