Adepticon 2016: Event Gallery

While I prepare my full event recap, I though I'd show some of the sights that I stumbled across at the event. And while I'm at it, show off the big pile of swag I came home with, and immediately hid from the wife! :)

Epic Loot!


It wouldn't be a game con if you didn't come home with far more stuff than you ever intended on buying, for me that includes:

  • Dark Deeds - a simple and fun card game illustrated by the legendary Mark Gibbons (who also gave me an original drawing, and was a great guy to have the opportunity to hang out with) and rules by the equally amazing, Andy Chambers... Seriously, how could I say no? I heard about the game about a week ago and knew I had to have it, being able to get it directly from the man himself was even better.
  • Badger SOTAR Airbrush Set - This was one of the purchases I actually planned to make at Adepticon, the guys at Badger offer amazing deals at conferences, so I knew I was coming for this. I'm really looking forward to busting it out on my Infinity miniatures. Angel Giraldez better keep an eye out, I'm coming for him!
  • KR Multicase - Totally unexpected, coming in 7th in the Infinity GT (with a 4-1-1 record, I'll be posting a more detailed report later this week), meant I won this sweet case as a prize! It's a gorgeous case and holds a whopping 72 models, or 5 Infinity armies, haha.
  • Beyond the Gates of Antares Isorians - I've been talking with the guys over at Warlord for a while now about a project I'm working on with them (that will be ready in June/July), when I met with them at their booth I decided I'd pick up a small force of my favorite looking faction for them. I've already got a few conversion ideas in mind.
  • Dropzone Commander Rulebook - Another prize from the Infinity tournament, I've been wanting to read the rules for a while, now I will get to do so!
  • Guildball Brewers - This game is very intriguing to me, everywhere I looked at the conference people were playing this game, or had recently purchased the models. Once I saw the fat Scot hurling a barrel of beer, I really couldn't resist. The game has a very small buy in, with each faction only containing 9 miniatures, and only 6 are required to play the game, and the community already seems huge. I'll be doing a fuller review of this later as well, once I get a few games in, but I really think this is the game to look out for, the community seems to be growing at a massive rate.
  • Infinity Human Sphere N3 - This is probably what we were all waiting for, I've been drooling over the contents of this book since I got it. Indulging in the fluff for the USAriadna has been quite entertaining, as well as the Caledonians, not to mention the new rules! Holy crap, yet another article coming will have to be my review of this book. It also came with a lovely Druze Hacker, which will be my new Wardriver (which can now be taken by USAriadna and Caledonia).
  • Oznat and Le Muet - A couple models I had been intending to buy, and after Obi's Le Muet shredded 7 USA in one game before finally getting taken down by a barrage of artillery from my Katyusha rockets, I can't want to get my very own on the battlefield.
  • Guildball Fishermen Patch - Part of my Adepticon Swag Bag, hoping I can trade it for a Brewers patch, anyone out there want to swap?
  • Hordes Two-Player Starter - The biggest part of the swag bag, while I don't play Hordes, I have friends that do, so they're quite happy to see the starter set coming there way.

Holy crap that's a lot I have to work on, both for assembling, and writing. I'm really excited to try out these new game systems, but it does mean even less time for my OG system, 40k. Once I get my army out of storage, I'll hit the local club and get some games in, I don't want to be too rusty! I will probably however be getting rid of my Imperial Knight and just focusing solely on my Khorne Daemonkin, I figure if I'm not going to have as much time to play 40k, I should at least give the faction I love all the attention. On the up side, hopefully that means within about a month I'll be playing a bit more 40k, and writing about it again. I've come to the conclusion that the only way to play is for fun and after playing Infinity for a while, I've really been able to shift mentally to focusing on having a good game, instead of winning the game, which I really needed. I'm sure I'll continue this tangent in an opinion article soon (yet another article to write), but I think I can enjoy the game again, hopefully like I used to, just needed to reframe my perception of it.

Anyhow, enough about all the money I wasted, here's a gallery of my favorite things I saw at my very first Adepticon!