The Road to Adepticon


Alright kiddo's, for the first time in my life, I'll be going to a major gaming convention. Kinda weird after doing this for so long that I haven't bothered to make it out to Adepticon or Gencon, but there's no better time than the present! I'll be participating in two Infinity tournaments the ITS Campaign Tournament as well as the two-day ITS Grand Tournament. I had originally planned on attending more tournaments, filling up my entire calendar for the weekend, but then I wouldn't be able to wander around the event and check the whole thing out. Additionally, I needed some time to meet with some publishers about a super top secret project I've been working on (don't worry, you'll know about it soon enough)

I intend on publishing a little article at least once or twice during my stay, as well as a recap at the end, but that'll depend on how late into the night I end up gaming. So keep your eyes peeled for my ongoing Adepticon 2016 coverage!