It's Not the List, It's You: Infinity Challenge!


A frequently heard mantra in the world of Infinity players is "It's not the list, it's you!" This credo promotes the idea that players of the game hold that Infinity, unlike many other games, relies far more on the skill of the individual players, and isn't as dependent on the actual lists. Presumably, a far more skilled player shouldn't have too hard of a time against a less skilled player, regardless of the actual lists. I have challenged Michael, a.k.a. Barakiel to a challenge. He is a far more skilled player than I at Infinity, with years of experience compared to my mere months. He has won so many tournaments that he is one of the few that can run the dreaded 300 points of only Le Muet sectorial. I on the other hand have played in one event ever, and went 1-1-1... decidedly middling.

To put him, and the unofficial Infinity tenet to the test, Michael and I will play 3 rounds, each time he will be playing a randomly generated list, of his decided faction, against me, with a list I explicitly build for the mission.

If I win best of 3, then we know It's The List, but if Michael dominates, we'll know without doubt, It's You. So keep your eye's peeled for our battle report next week! To make it better, if this turns out to be popular enough, I'll keep it going as an ongoing series with a cumulative tally between the two sides! :)