Khorne Daemonkin: Army List and Pledge Update


Alright, back to 40k land for a minute. Just because I've been playing Infinity a lot lately, doesn't mean I've totally forsaken 40k. I've been hard at work on revising and planning my Khorne Daemonkin army for both my pledge, and probably the Las Vegas Open.

The List

Combined Arms Detachment

Bloodthirster of Insatiate Rage: 275 Bloodthirster of Insatiate Rage: 275

8 Bloodletters: 80 8 Bloodletters: 80

Heldrake: 170

Maulerfiend: two sets of lasher tendrils: 140 Maulerfiend: two sets of lasher tendrils: 140 Soul Grinder: baleful torrent: 155


3 Chaos Bikers: 2 meltaguns, aspiring champion with meltabombs: 101 3 Chaos Bikers: 2 meltaguns, aspiring champion: 96 3 Chaos Bikers: 2 meltaguns, aspiring champion: 96 5 Flesh Hounds: 80 5 Flesh Hounds: 80 5 Flesh Hounds: 80

Total: 1,848

I was running a Slaughtercult for most of my games previously, and while I like it, I'm starting to think the flexibility of running a Combined Arms Detachment is really the way to go. Everything in this army that starts on the board is moving 12" a turn, except for the Soul Grinder, so as with all KDK armies go, getting into combat as quickly as possible is the priority.

Two Insatiate Rage 'thirsters means that when one goes down, I still have another to swing the D around and make sure any priority targets are taken down easily. The Bloodletters are deep striking Objective Secured units that you can never really go wrong with. The Heldrake needs no introduction, and is the best tool I have for dealing with hard to reach opponents, and occasionally vector striking enemy flyers. Maulerfiends bring some quick assault walkers, hopefully commanding attention away from the Bloodthirster, but if not, they'll charge in and rip up enemy transports. The Lasher Tendrils are to help when facing the odd Imperial Knight or Stompa, reducing their attacks so that my Bloodthirsters can attack with impunity. I opted for a Soulgrinder instead of a third Maulerfiend, though that was mostly because I'm really happy with my conversion, in-game though, it provides a pretty tough target to kill, it's baleful torrent helping to attack units dug in cover, while it walks up the midfield to hold the center.

Last in the list, we have the Gorepack, which is pretty ubiquitous among KDK lists. I beefed up the unit count to make sure that I'm saturating my opponent with targets. I've been back and forth a lot between running 3 Bike units and 3 Hound units, or running 2 and 4 respectively. While the bikes are far easier to take down, they do bring some nice meltaguns, which are always great for popping transports and letting me charge the gooey innards. Additionally, it gives me a third aspiring champion to use as a vessel for summoning another Bloodthirster, which, while never being my goal, still happens fairly often.

My Pledge Update

I've been cranking away on assembling models and have finally assembled my additional bikers needed for the list (2 units of 3 for 2 new champions and 4 new meltaguns), my second Bloodletter squad, finished my Soul Grinder conversion (which I thought I had a picture of), and then did the basing on the entire army.


Additionally, I've assembled my full Nasier army for Wrath of Kings, for which I used the Wargames Bakery Basius basing pad that I got through Kickstarter. The pads are a little expensive, but damn, they were super easy to use, and you can't argue with the results!


I used Apoxie Sculpt instead of greenstuff, and after doing it, I would recommend sticking with the greenstuff. The Apoxie Sculpt is a bit cheaper, but it tends to get stuck in the detailing of the pad, especially wherever there is a sandy texture. To weigh down the bases, I put nickels in the smaller bases, and washers in the larger, which really went far to help with how light the WoK models are. I also forgot to take a picture of the full army after primer, so sorry about that!