New Forgeworld Goodies for Chaos!


The Forgeworld Open Day has come and gone, but while it was here, it unveiled three new options for Chaos Space Marines, and more importantly, Khorne Daemonkin!

Kytan Daemon Engine


Holy moley, I love this thing, just look at these rules. For 150 points more than a Knight, you basically have the unholy spawn of a Knight Lancer with a Knight Warden. It's ranged weapon fires 8 S8 AP3 shots a turn (though only at BS3), and in combat it has a devastating WS/I 5 with 4 attacks with it's AP1 destroyer weapon. To make matters worse, it has Fleet, and Crusader to get into combat quicker, Rage and Daemonforge to make it cause more damage, is a Daemon for that lovely 5++ and has It Will Not Die... Talk about a pile of special rules! This bad boy is more than a match for any Knight out there in combat, will make mince meat of a Wraithknight, and live to tell the tale. When taken in a Khorne Daemonkin army, it even gains the Blood for the Blood God rule, and can be taken in a Blood Host, as it can be taken in any detachment where a Lord of Skulls is available. I will absolutely be getting one of these guys for my Daemonkin.

Chaos Knight Errant/Paladin

by Monstroy/Rosja

The other big addition to Chaos this weekend came in the form of Chaos Knights. Their stats are identical to their Imperial cousins, with all the same special rules, except that their Foe-reaper chainsword gains +1 to the destroyer table against Monstrous Creatures and Gargantuan Creatures. They can take a Dirge Caster for 5 points, so you may as well always take that, but it appears that these rules were conjured before the new Knight Warden sprue, as they do not have the ability to upgrade their stubber to a Meltagun, nor can they take any carapace mounted weapons. Since the rules are still experimental, I really hope that changes, I'd love to make more than just 2 Chaos Knights for my collection. So what makes the Chaos Knights different? They can become Daemon Knights of whatever god you want.

  • Khorne - Probably the best out the gate, gives you the Daemon rule, Hatred (Daemons of Slaanesh), allows you to re-roll the number of stomps you get in combat, and gives you +D3 attacks on the charge instead of +1. Hot damn!
  • Nurgle - Also a very good option, gives you the Daemon rule, Hatred (Daemons of Tzeentch) and It Will Not Die. While it is the most expensive upgrade, it's far better than the Imperial equivalent, where you could get IWND and a 6++ all around (but not in melee), but would also require taking 2 relics, which isn't possible.
  • Tzeentch - Definitely the worst, gives you the usual Daemon, and Hatred (Daemons of Nurgle), allows you to re-roll any To-Hit rolls of 1, and gives your heavy stubbers Soul Blaze. For 65 points?! Definitely better to go with Khorne for less, or Nurgle for 10 points more.
  • Slaanesh - almost as underwhelming as Tzeentch, granting you Daemon, Hatred (Daemons of Khorne), and when you're in combat with the Knight, the enemy must take a LD test at -2 or become I1 for the rest of the fight sub-phase.  Almost useful, except most threats in combat to a Knight are either I1 already, or vehicles... Handy against Wraithknights, but that's about it.

Overall, Khorne and Nurgle are definitely the way to go, and I lean strongly towards Khorne. The 5++ save all around is a HUGE buff to the Knight, making your Ion Shield direction far less important as you will have a decent save to any side. Like the Kytan, you can take a Chaos Knight in a Khorne Daemonkin army, provided it has the Daemon Knight of Khorne upgrade, and it will gain the Blood for the Blood God rule.