The Glory of Chaos Resplendent


If you've only been following me for a short time, you may not realize that while I like Imperial Knights, I f*cking love Chaos. I've been a die hard Chaos Marine fan since 2nd edition when I had a lovely little Deathguard army made up mostly of the mono-pose Plague Marines (couldn't afford many of the pewter ones), as well as a few terminators and a nasty Chaos Lord. Needless to say, over the years, I've amassed quite a large Chaos Marine army, now focused on the Black Legion, but with off shoots of all four gods. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Recently, I was analyzing my Imperial Knights, as well as all the Imperial factions now available, and trying to determine what the best way to run an Imperial Knight army would be. Through my Imperial Knight army, I've acquired quite a few allied forces, Inquisition, Assassins, Legion of the Damned, Mantis Warriors, Imperial Guard, and until recently, I've been contemplating adding Skitarii, and possibly Cult Mechanicus to the list. I've been caught up in trying to make Imperial Knights the best army I possibly could, and have been trying everything to do so... I've been chasing the Imperial dragon.



While playing my Valdus Conflict campaign, I've really come to miss my Chaos Marines. I miss their character, their aesthetics, and the sheer variety that they come in. Then I took a look at my painting challenge for the year, and I saw my poor Chaos Marines as a secondary goal... I don't want to wear daisy dukes to the LVO, so I've decided, it's time. I'll be churning out my Legion of the Damned for the challenge, cranking out the Nasier, then diving straight back into Chaos. Which means...

I'll be selling off all of my Imperial factions

It took me a while to accept this fate, but there were a number of factors which has finally made me go back and commit 100% to Chaos.

  • I already own 30,000 points of Chaos, do I really need a second army?
  • I can sell my painted and converted Imperial Knights for a ton of cash.
  • I keep needing to add or change what I own for allies to keep the Imperial Knights as competitive as possible, which has resulted in a far larger collection of Imperials than I ever intended or wanted.
  • I have 3 unassembled Imperial Knights just waiting to be converted to Chaos when FW releases the rules.
  • I play almost entirely in ITC events and current ITC rules severely punish having multiple super-heavy vehicles.
  • I wanted to play Imperial Knights in ITC because it was the only army where having a majority of your points in the primary faction was a requirement to win "best-of," but Imperial Knights have been rolled up into all misc. Imperial Factions, meaning anyone who wants free prizes can take a naked inquisitor as their warlord (or Coteaz) and win "Best Imperial Agent."
  • Did I mention FW Chaos Knights and how f*cking awesome they look, and how much fun it would be to convert my own?

This isn't a rage-quit of Imperials, I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I just think it's time to pull the trigger before I get even deeper in Imperials. Chaos is my army and I should give them the attention they deserve.