Valdus Conflict: Round 4 & Post 500!


The campaign may nearly be over, the Orks have taken a strong lead with 10 territories, the winner of the campaign will be the first player to reach 12, effectively doubling their territory count.

The Warzone

As you can see, clearly the Orks are taking the lead, while the Daemonkin have continued to make steady progress. The Sisters are holding on roughly the size they started, but the Tyranids and Minotaurs are slowly getting devoured by the rest.



Army Power Command Factory # Territories
Daemonkin (Adam) 1 (10) 1 (10) 2 (12) 8
Orks (Franco) 1 (9) 2 (12) 3 (27) 10
Sisters (Obi) 0 2 (18) 0 6
Paul (Minotaurs) 1 (10) 2 (20) 2 (12) 3
Tyranids (Pete) 0 1 (7) 1 (10) 3

Player Actions

The initiative didn't change this round, the orks keep getting stronger and are 2 victories away from winning the whole campaign. The rest of the players, sensing the impending threat of an Ork victory launch an all out attack on the Irontoof army.

First action:

  1. Tyranids launch an invasion of Hive City Mortica held by the Orks.
  2. Minotaurs prepare for an all out attack on the Sisters of Battle.
  3. Sisters have finally had it with the Orks and seek to cleanse the planet of their presence.
  4. Daemonkin sense that the Minotaurs are in decline and launch a Planet Strike against Hive City Domina.
  5. Orks send the Green Ghost to sabotage the Tyranids.

Second Action:

  1. The Tyranids send vanguard creatures to sabotage a key asset to the Orks.
  2. Minotaurs add insult to injury, sending a kill team to sabotage the attempts of the Sisters.
  3. Sisters proclaim, "every last spore of the foul Ork menace shall be turned to motes of ash, and all their foul foundries shall be razed to the ground by the righteous hands of a holy kill team."
  4. Daemonkin seek to further sabotage the resources of the Orks who have run amok on Valdus.
  5. Orks sensing that their resources are in danger hastily being building new resources.

Can the Imperials push back the advancing Waaagh! or the Red Host of Kronor? Will the Tyranids lash out and consume the planets bio-mass? Only time will tell!



Post 500!


That's right, we've officially broken 500 posts of pure wargaming nonsense! I feel sorry for you sorry suckers who had to read it all, but I'm looking forward to writing up another 500 posts! :)