The Valdus Conflict: Round 3


The campaign is in full swing and this round promises to be the bloodiest yet!

The Warzone

The map has continued to shift, though it's looking pretty dire for the Imperials and Tyranids as the Orks and Chaos continue to grow, each with 8 territories. We are playing until one player reaches 12 (doubles their starting territory), and maybe we'll wrap it up with a game of Apocalypse.



At the beginning of this round the resources have changed drastically. I managed to build a Power Generator and stole a manufactorum giving me a bit of everything, and Obi lost his Shield Generator due to a successful Ork Killteam led by the Green Ghost.

Army Power Command Factory
Daemonkin (Adam) 1 (10) 1 (10) 1 (6)
Orks (Franco) 1 (9) 1 (6) 4 (36)
Sisters (Obi) 0 3 (27) 0
Paul (Minotaurs) 1 (10) 1 (10) 2 (12)
Tyranids (Pete) 0 0 2 (20)

Player Actions

First action:

  1. Tyranids launch a Planet Strike against Hive City Domina guarded by the Minotaurs.
  2. Minotaurs also prepare for Planet Strike against Hive City Mortica overrun by the Orks.
  3. Sisters launch a Conquest of reclamation against the blasphemous Daemonkin.
  4. Daemonkin seek to gain territory and launch a Conquest against the Tyranids.
  5. Orks have moved out to Conquest the legendary Ordo Eroticus, run by the Sisters.

Second Action:

  1. The Tyranids grow fresh Command nodes in F2.
  2. Minotaurs establish a new Command bunker in D3.
  3. Sisters send a Kill Team after the resources of the Daemonkin.
  4. Daemonkin send forth a Kill Team against the Orks.
  5. Orks preparing preparing for the coming assault build a Shield Generator in C3.

Can the Imperials push back the advancing Waaagh! or the Red Host of Kronor? Will the Tyranids lash out and consume the planets bio-mass? Only time will tell!

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