The Valdus Conflict: Round 2


Our first games are over and the map has changed quite a bit. Franco has taken the lead winning both his games and capturing 2 territories, I'm trailing behind after capturing one, Obadiah is next after winning one game and losing another, followed by Pete who managed to lose one territory, and Paul who has unfortunately lost two. The Orks have divided the continent and are thirsty for more conquest!

The Warzone

Here is how the map is looking at the beginning of round 2!



We are now only calculating resources at the beginning of the round, so no need to track initiative. This means if you build something, you wont get the benefit until the following campaign round.

Army Power Command Factory
Daemonkin (Adam) 0 1 (10) 0
Orks (Franco) 1 (10) 1 (6) 4 (36)
Sisters (Obi) 0 2 (18) 0
Paul (Minotaurs) 1 (10) 1 (10) 2 (12)
Tyranids (Pete) 0 0 3 (30)

Player Actions

First Action:

  1. Paul challenges Adam to Conquest
  2. Pete challenges Franco to Conquest against his Hive City D2 in a game of City Fight
  3. Obi challenges Pete to Conquest
  4. Adam builds a Power Generator on D5
  5. Franco challenges Adam to Conquest

Second Action:

  1. Paul attempts to Sabotage Adam
  2. Pete builds a Shield Generator on B2
  3. Obi builds a Command Bunker on B3
  4. Adam attempts to Sabotage Obadiah
  5. Franco attempts to Sabotage Obadiah


This round promises to have a lot of carnage, with quite a few games being played as well as a handful of Kill Team games. People quickly jumped on attacking the Orks, perhaps to limit his choices on performing Conquest, or perhaps to try and steal his production capabilities. The game between the Tyranids and Orks is bound to be bloody, Franco has a lot at stake, but if he wins, it could mean yet another Manufactorum.