The Valdus Conflict: A 40k Campaign


Hey everyone, some exciting news, me and 4 of my friends have decided to start a map-based campaign that you will be able to watch unfold! We are using the core Planetary Empires rules with a few modifications. This will hopefully be the first in a series of campaigns that we track, but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, lets try getting one done!

Campaign Rules

During a Campaign Round, each player will be able to declare 2 actions from the following list:

  • Conquest
  • Fortify
  • Sabotage


The Conquest is the most common action, this is when a player declares that they will be attacking another player. They will start out by declaring which tile they are attacking. If the attacking player has a Space Port, they may nominate the game to be played with the Planet Strike rules. If the tile being attacked is a Hive, the defending player may nominate the game to be played with the Cities of Death rules from Shield of Baal, this overrides the Planetstrike option for the attacker.

The game size will be between 1500-2000 points as decided by the players. The player who wins the game rolls on the Conquest table in the Planetary Empires rules,  if that game is won due to Secondary Objectives, it is a "Moral Victory" for the purposes of the table. In the case of a draw, neither player rolls on the table.


Fortifying at tile allows a player to build a Planetary Resource on a tile they control, it may be a Power Station, Shield Generator, Manucatorum, or Command Bastion.


Instead of attacking for conquest, a player may attempt to disable a Planetary Resource. In this case, the game is played with the Kill Team rules, should the attacker win, a Planetary Resource of their choice will be destroyed, if the player loses there is no penalty, other than a wasted action.

The Planet: Valdus Prime


Valdus Prime is a resource rich Imperial planet, supporting multiple hive cities, with a large amount of viable farmland.

We will each took turns placing 8 tiles to create the landscape of Valdus Prime, after which, we will each place 2 Planetary Resources. Finally, we each took turns placing flags to establish our initial territory.

The Players

The Red Host (Khorne Daemonkin; Adam)


Guided by visions from Khorne, Kronor the Prophet, has led a Crusade of Blood across the Valdus Sector seeking a sacred relic, which once contained the blood of a Saint of the Imperium in millennia past. Now located enshrined in a massive temple on Valdus Prime, Kronor descends upon the planet, intent on claiming the vessel for his own.

Order of the Martyr's Tears (Adepta Sororitas; Obi)


The Sisters of the Martyr's Tears have been tasked with the safe recovery of the Crucible of Volans, a sacred vessel which has gained the attention of Kronor the Prophet, a Lieutenant in the Black Legion bent on proving his worth. Charged with this sacred duty, the Sisters will lay down their life if necessary to capture the artifact.

Da Irontoof Klan (Orks; Peter)


On the tails of the Crusade of Blood, and looking for a good fight, the Irontoof Klan makes planetfall on Valdus Prime trying to find the best brawl.

The Minotaurs 3rd Battle Company (Space Marines; Paul)


Lord Asterion Moloch himself has been summoned to aid in the defense of Valdus Prime. The threat from the Crusade of Blood and the Irontoof Klan are clear enough, but when the Sisters refuse to give way to the Minotaurs, clashes are bound to happen.

Keep your eyes open, next week we will have generated the map and issued the first challenges!