Nick's LVO Prediction Recap


There will be no Eldar in the Top 8 - Eldar had their time to shine, but nowadays almost all tournament lists are built with Wave Serpents and Wraithknights in mind. They will win at a high %, but won't make it to the final day

There was one Eldar army in the Top 8 (actually the Top 4).  No Wraithknights, but the army did use a Lynx. 0/1

Tyranids will make the Top 8 - I expect to see quite a few combinations of Flyrants, Barbed Hierodules and Malanthropes this year.

Not only did Tyranids make the the top 8, they won the whole dang thing! 1/2

A West Coast Player will win the main event this year; more specifically a player from California. These missions are very popular here in California and we've had a lot of practice with them.

The East Coast continues their reign. Only one California player (Steve Sisk) made the Top 8.  It's not for lack of California players either, 4 of my 6 opponents were from Northern California. 1/3

The most prevalent army in the top 8 will be Imperial "star" armies. Bikes, Centurions, Thunder Wolf Calvary supported by psykers. These armies are tough to beat and are very popular.

I'm not sure there was a "most prevalent" list in the Top 8.  There was a wide spread of armies (Tyranids, Imperial Fists / BA, Eldar, Space Wolves, Daemons, Chaos SM, White Scars and Grey Knights). Two of these armies featured Centurion Stars, and the Imperials were well represented.  I'm giving this one to me! 2/4

There will not be any Adamantium Lance Formations in the top 8. Similar to Eldar, players now build their lists with Imperial Knights in mind.

There was only 1 Imperial Knight (I think) in the Top 8. 3/5

New Necrons will have a higher win % than Old Necrons.

Torrent of Fire put together a nice win % chart for all armies (, but coudn't differentiated between old and new Necrons.  This one is a wash.

Eldar will have the highest win % (despite not making the Top 8), Orks will have the lowest win %.

Grey Knights and Imperial Knights had the highest Win % at 63%.  Blood Angels had the lowest at 31%. 3/6

The LVO a will be won by an Imperial "star" army. As stated above, these armies are popular and effective. When in the hands of an experienced general, it's tough to stop these types of lists.

Well an army with a Centurion Star made the finals, but fell to Tyranids.  A good prediction, but not good enough! 3/7

Hope you enjoyed reading the predictions.  My tournament report will follow soon!