2015 Pledge Challenge: February Update!

The Las Vegas Open is fast approaching, both Obadiah and I have been cranking as fast as we can to get prepared.  Our first pledge challenge is to finish our LVO armies on time, so this is our first chance to screw it up! I've been fiendishly at work, having painted 2 Imperial Knights and both Nemesis Dreadknights in the last month, while Obi has been working on Dominions and his own Imperial Knight Errant to back them up with even more melta. While I've had more models to paint in the last month, I can't discount Obi's talent and patience, so this is going to definitely be a battle of quantity vs quality.

I've selected a few pictures from each of our armies to show how we're coming along.

Adam's LVO Army in Progress

You can see all the photos of my Imperial Knights on my flickr.

Obi's LVO Army in Progress

You can see all the photo's of Obi's Sisters, including how they looked in greenstuff on my flickr.