2015 Project Pledges and Imperial Knight Paint Update


I'm not even going to lie, I'm awful at pledges... Last year I pledged to get more of my Chaos painted, which I kind of sucked at after being distracted by Imperials due to the damn Imperial Knights. Well, this year is different! With the LVO coming up quickly, I'm working as fast as I can to get my Imperial Knight + Grey Knight army ready, which will leave the rest of the year for other projects. So without further adieu, here is the list of what I'd like to accomplish this year.  I've purposely kept it a little short because I'm also getting married, which might take up a bit of time, haha. In no particular order (except the LVO army will be first):

  1. Finish my Las Vegas Open, 1850, Imperial Knight + Grey Knight army.
  2. Assemble and paint an army for Wrath of Kings.
  3. Paint my a gang for Dredd, either my Fatties, Judges, or Sov Judges.
  4. Assemble and paint my 1850 Black Legion Noise Marine army.
  5. Assemble and paint some more 40k, either:
    1. 1850 Grey Knights (partially started from LVO army)
    2. Carcharodon Allies for Imperial Knights (creates a more competitive list)
  6. Assemble and paint an army for Heavy Gear Blitz (dependent on release date).

It sounds like a lot, I'm hoping to get 3-4 of these done at most, but I find that having a goal in mind is definitely helpful... I just hope that GW doesn't come out with any major distractions this year.

Imperial Knight Update

I've got a bit more work done on the Imperial Knight, specifically my Warlord, Holbein makes an amazing line of paints called Acryla, their Luminous paints react incredibly well under UV lights, but are a bit expensive.  I'll be getting 4 different colors to paint the panels inside the knight cockpit with, but for now you can see his bionic eye and control stick.