Some IA13 Questions, Answered by Forge World


I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a few questions about Imperial Armour 13, so I've sent them a few emails in the last couple weeks and here are some of the answers: Was it intentional that the Infernal Relic Achilles lacks the Ferromantic Invulnerability rule?

Ferromantic Invulnerability is something that our rules team felt should only be available to to Imperial forces as it is used to represent blessings granted by the Omnissiah/Emperor.

The Renegade super-heavy tanks list Heavy Bolters as a pintle mounted weapon, but not heavy stubbers, is this correct?

The two pintle mounted weapons should be a storm bolter or heavy stubber for 10 points.

Giant Chaos Spawn and Giant Spined Beasts seem to have the incorrect battlefield roles and army associations.

The position within the Force Organisation Chart for the Spined Beast and Giant spawn were switched by mistake, so please treat this as the other way around.

How in the world do Baletalon Shatter Charges work?

The Baletalon shatter charge rules are an exception to the normal Bombing Run rules and so no blast template is used.

I'm sure there are more questions to ask, I'll update this as I receive more answers.