Dredd Hobby: Fatties WIP

With the Bay Area Open behind me, and quite some time until the Las Vegas Open, I've got a little time to work on some non-GW minis.  First up is my gang for Judge Dredd, my Fattie Stampede!  Normally passive, when food is scarce, the fatties can easily get riled up and downright violent.  After playing a few games, I realized that these larders have some serious problems with people who are in upper levels of buildings (they're too fat to climb stairs or ladders, they can only use elevators!).  To address this problem, I've come up with 2 different solutions.  First up is my Fattie with Shell Jacket, and since Fatties pay double for their armour, I figured there was only one logical way to represent it.  Next, while Fatties aren't great shots, when you're rolling 4D for your shooting attacks, volume makes up for accuracy... The trouble is that Fatties can't exactly get their hands around their front to properly hold a Heavy Spit Gun, so I've made a custom modified one, specially designed to be used by someone of such immense girth.