An Awkward Situation from this Weekend...


So before I do a big write up about how I felt that my Chaos Space Marines fared at the Bay Area Open, first I've got to get a little bit off my chest.  Going into game 3, I was already 2-0 and feeling pretty good about myself.  I knew that this game was going to be tough, but I was fairly confident.  As you know, I really do my best to avoid talking negatively about the game, or the people, but this kind of play really pisses me off. My opponent, who we will call Rick Timmy, with a very powerful bike army, who went on to win the whole event.  This game though was the closest I've come to giving someone a thumbs down in sportsmanship.  Entirely unpleasant and rude during the game, until the last turn when things were looking better for him, that unfortunately though wasn't where it stopped.

The scene is the bottom of 5, I'm recording our score for the secondary objectives.  After writing them down I look up and he points to a dice on the table declaring that he had rolled it to end the game, which sealed his victory.  The only witness was a club mate of his, but he had not told me he was rolling, nor was I even attentive to his actions as I was writing down HIS score for the secondary objectives.  After a bit of arguing, he relented and re-rolled it.  This gave my brass scorpion the opportunity to turn around and try to kill Khan, which I think would have ended the game in a tie from my recollection (I would have had Primary and Warlord, and he would have Secondary, Warlord and First Blood).  Not exactly a huge chance, but better than no chance!  I fired my two Hellmaw cannons (Template S6 AP3) at Khan and his buddy with a storm shield, causing 4 hits and ignoring cover.  He rolled his saves one at a time, starting with the storm shield up front, he passed the first two, then rolled a two which killed the bodyguard and then rolled a 3, which should have wounded Khan, though I was informed by him that Khan had a 3+ invulnerable save, so I ignored it and continued, as it seemed reasonable for a space marine special character to have a decent save (I don't have much experience fighting Khan).  After flubbing my other shots, I charged into Khan with my Scorpion, Rick asks my weapon skill, I respond saying it's a 3, so he tells me I need a 5 to hit, again I didn't question it as I'm not familiar with the character and WS 7 seemed reasonable enough for a marine special character who is geared for challenges to have.  I roll to hit and miss (I had a few 4's in my "misses").  At the end he was able to drive Khan underneath my Scorpion, saying that since its' physically 1" away from the hull of my model, that he's able to do so, and the game ends at 6-0.

It wasn't until the next morning that someone told me that Khan is only WS6 and my 4's not only should have hit, but would have ID'd him had he failed his only 4+ invulnerable save.

Maybe it was the rush of the game and the adrenaline, that lead to some honest mistakes on his behalf, that's entirely possible.  Judging by his attitude all game, and the attitude he expressed in games with other players, it's hard to completely ignore the possibility that he just really wanted to win that badly.

So yeah, that's my experience playing with the "top" players and kind of makes me thankful that by playing Chaos Space Marines, I don't often have to do so.