Master Crafting a Knight Titan - WIP Interior and Lights

I've seen people make interiors for knight titans, and I've seen people do lit up Knight weapons and eyes... but I ask, why not both?  It took quite a bit of figuring out to make it happen, and I'll tell you everything it took to do it.

Shopping List

Aside from various bits of plasticard, here is what I used:

First up, the important part, the controls, which was just the Stormraven controls which I purchased for under $2, yay bits sites!


The next two things are really what ties the room together, and they're both from Powered Play.

Due to the limited space I have in the interior of the Knight, I needed to be sure that I could get 9 volts of power, but in a much smaller compartment.  I looked at a lot of options, including even building my own battery housing, but in the end, it really wasn't going to save much room.  I knew that 3 CR-1/3N batteries would give the power I needed, and it turned out that Powered Play had already thought of the solution!  For not much more than the cost of 3 individual CR-1/3N batteries they make a bundle of 3 of them already wired together for use with their system.  The battery life isn't as long as a large 9v battery, but I intend to only really turn on the lights for photographing anyhow, so I don't really mind.



Now, I knew that I wanted my Thermal Cannon on the Knight Errant that this is going into to flicker, like it has flames inside.  To accomplish this, Powered Play makes a microcontroller, which allows you to program all 3 lights.  The other important thing about this microcontroller is that it has a built in power switch, which is another space saving feature.  They don't sell the controller + lights as a kit in the combination I wanted, but after emailing the owner, he was more than happy to swap out the normal police lights for the colors I wanted (UV in the interior, green for the eyes and orange for the thermal cannon).




The assembly was pretty straight forward, and I remembered to take lots of pictures along the way, check out this gallery for the step-by-step way I built up the interior:

Extra Details

I'm still cranking out this model, it's going to be a royal pain in the butt in the end, but I think the results are worth it.  For the exterior, I used some pieces from the Empire Steam Tank, as well as the Empire Griffon, plus I'll be adding further detail using bits from the War Altar.

Family Photo

While it's not all built yet, here's a shot of the whole family so far.  I'll be getting some more Scions and another Taurox soon to round out my 1750.  It might not be the best army in the world, but I'm quite excited to play it, it's been a nice distraction from my Chaos Marines (which I haven't forgotten and will get back to painting soon, haha).