Say Hello to My Little Friends! The Imperial Knights!


It's happened, I've gone bonkers for Imperial Knights!  Now the real question is how best to handle the miniatures themselves.  Typically, I'm not a fan of special effects, or detailing interiors, but since the army only consists of 3 Knights, possibly a couple more in the future, I'm trying to decide if I should go all out... One beautiful conversion I've already seen is a detailed interior by 40k Hobby Blog, found here:

DSC05163 While he used a spare Warhound chair, I'm afraid I don't just happen to have one of those lying around, so I'll need to think of an alternative solution, but the concept is fantastic.  I think I could accomplish a similar effect by using the interior of a model aircraft cockpit.

Additionally, White Dwarf #5 has already shown us what one of these kits can look like with a bit of lighting work.  Which makes me think if I use a blacklight LED inside the cockpit, that I can paint the controls with black light reactive paint to make the instruments look like they're glowing...


But to take that one step further, I could even see putting a model train smoke generator into the barrel of the melta weapon, or into the exhaust vents on the back of a Knight, kind of like what you can see in this video...

What I need to really figure out for myself is what is overboard, and what is just right?  One other idea is that I could go bat shit crazy on one knight, which would be used as a warlord, while I keep the others fairly tame (maybe only lights on the others).  There are just so many options and I really think I could make these totally over the top.  What do you think?

UPDATE: I just picked up this little kit on ebay, it's a 1/48 scale interior of a MIG-19, should work great as the basis of the interior of a knight.