A Kit Basher's Review of the Helbrute

So last night I threw together my first Helbrute from the updated kit. Now there have already been a few reviews on this model, but I don't think any of them really answered any of my questions. I decided to kick open one of my new kits and give it a spin.  I've been playing CSM since 2nd edition, so getting my hands on a replacement for the almost 20 year old metal dread was like a dream come true.  At the same time, I was also testing out Tamiya extra thin plastic cement. The first thing I noticed while building it is that the pieces to together perfectly, just as I've come to expect from these digitally sculpted miniatures.  Unlike miniatures in the past though, you really should follow the directions though, because it's not always obvious exactly which piece goes where.  The torso of the model is built in a somewhat unusual fashion, so I had to do the top and back pieces slightly out of order for the sake of making it easy.

After building the body and legs, you get to play with the arms.  It would seem that if you didn't mind missing out on the requisite tubes and canisters, that this kit would actually magnetize together VERY easily, maybe not as easily as the Marine dread, but certainly not hard to do at all.  I however didn't do this, mostly because I'm lazy.

So right away after fitting my Helbrute sarcophagus with the details that I wanted, I ran to my cabinet to grab a Dark Vengeance Helbrute... Which was the only time I was disappointed with the model.  The crest that goes over the top does not easily fit onto the old brute at all, and will probably take a bit of carving to get on there.  Also, the arms themselves don't really have an easy way to fit on the Dark Vengeance brute either, but as long as you're not afraid of a bit of greenstuff, you should be alright (and now I'm giving my 3 Multi-Melta 'Brutes a thunder hammer for the other arm, because it looks cool).

Overall, I think it's a spectacular kit and will serve well for a long time.  If you're into magnetizing, then this kit is perfect, and while it will take some work, the bits should be alright for kit bashing some of the Dark Vengeance Helbrutes as well.

The cement worked pretty well, I wasn't disappointed with it, though it doesn't seem to get quite as powerful of a grip on smaller pieces as I'd have liked.  I will definitely be using it more in the future and would recommend it to anyone putting together these new digital GW kits, as it doesn't really end up oozing out of the gaps like thicker plastic cement tends to.