8-Man Scramble - Warmachine/Hordes Tournament Report


Inspired by the "scrambles" held at events like Warmachine Weekend, we've been having small, eight-man Warmachine/Hordes tournaments at Gamescape SF. Scrambles are good for a number of reasons. Unlike with many non-prereg events (in which how many players will show up is unknown until the day of) the players are determined before hand by randomly selecting eight people who've expressed interest in participating and confirm that they're available that day. This ensures that everything can be easily planned/set up and that no one needs to get a bye. Also, with only eight people there will only be three rounds, making attending less of a time commitment. Additionally, unlike with a standard tournament, since only eight people participate there's still room for others to play pick up games if they just happen to come in that day. They're also good for getting new folks familiar with a Tournament setting without anything too involved. Lastly, participating means one will play three games, likely more than they would on an average game day. Coupled with gift certificates to the store as prizes, it's a great way to expand one's competitive gameplay without too much hassle. With that said, we've done a couple scrambles and plan to make them a more frequent happening. The pics below are from the first one we had this year, in which Jamar defeated Brenden in the final round to win the event.


Josh's Doomshaper2 army crushes Jamar's Deneghra2 list on attrition, but loses by getting locked out of the scenario zone. Trolls(Josh) vs Cryx (Jamar) 2

Owen's Stryker1 army faces off against Ben's Lylyth2 led Legion force. Cygnar (Owen) vs Ben (Legion)

Haley2 goes all in early to assassinate Mortenebra and fails. Cygnar (Owen) vs Cryx (Jamar)

The price of failure; a dead Haley. EHaley getting got

Ben's Legion squares off against Lex's Protectorate. Legion (Ben) vs. Menoth (Lex)

An intra-nation battle between David's Feora2 force and Eric's Severius1 army. Menoth (Dave) vs. Menoth (Eric)

Severius1 gets devoured by Doomshaper2's Earthborn.  Trolls (Josh) vs. Menoth (Eric) (Sevy gets got)

Bart's Galleon skewers Kreoss1 on it's trident. Menoth (Lex) vs. Brenden (Mercs)

Sadly for Eric, the Covenant was not keeping his models steady when Brenden's Ossrum-led Earthbreaker knocked down and blasted Feora2 to bits. Mercs (Brenden) vs. Menoth (Eric)

David's Kreoss2 army looks to clear the scenario zone of Josh's Grim1 force. Trolls (Josh) vs. Menoth (Dave)

Jamar's new Deneghra2 theme force faces off against Brenden's Bart-Galleon list. Mercs (Brenden) vs. Jamar (Cryx) 1

Jamar runs Deneghra away for a turn until he's able to kill Aiynna and attrition ensues. Mercs (Brenden) vs. Jamar (Cryx) 3

Eventually Nightmare makes his way to a Prey'd Bart and finishes him off. Mercs (Brenden) vs. Jamar (Cryx) 4 (Bart gets got)