The Dice Abide Dudes at the Las Vegas Open!


The Dice Abide dudes are gearing up for the Las Vegas Open!  Nick and Chris C. will be making the drive from Southern California, Adam and Pete will be flying out from San Fransisco, while Chris G will be flying all the way out from South Carolina.  Since it's probably easier to recognize armies than it is faces, here's a sample of what The Dice Abide dudes will be bringing:

Adam B aka minionboy (Chaos)

I'll be bringing my Chaos Space Marines, unfortunately they're not as well painted as I was hoping, but I did manage to get a few colors on each model.  I'm not really expecting to win, but I'm bringing a really fun, fast assault list that should hopefully catch a few people off guard.


Nick aka nickthewise (Eldar)

I'm bringing Mymeara Eldar.  It won't be as Forgeworld heavy as my Golden Throne list, but will utilize much of the goodness from the Eldar Codex.  Looking forward to a weekend in Vegas with friends - we're practically having a High School reunion with Adam, Myself, Chris G. and Chris C.

Pete aka Bugsculptor (Tyranids)

I'll be bringing a Tyranid "Tower of Power" list, trying to make use of the new trigger fingers on my nids to take down all my opponents in Vegas with heavy bolter fire from my Bastion. Also... Lictors! Oooga Booga... they're behind you!


Chris G aka CGage00 (Orks)

I'm bringing Orks along to Vegas.  While not as competitive as they were in 4th and 5th edition, it's always fun to bring a Battlewagon full of Ork Nobs and just unleash them on the battlefield!  Also seeing friends and tossing dice around is the point of this weekend.  Can't wait!


Chris C (Necrons + Tau)


Chris C will be bringing a nasty combination of Necrons and Tau - including a fun R'Varna Riptide to stand-in for a totally underpowered regular Riptide.