Noise Marines WIP


Getting started on my 3rd set of cult marines, the Noise Marines.  These guys have been floating around in my head for a while, built from a combination of just a TON of bits.  The heads are from, the legs are MK4/5 from Forgeworld, the Sonic Blasters are Volkite Calivers (Culverins for Blast Masters).  The backpacks will be from the Sons of Horus Reaver Attack Squads, torsos and right shoulder pads are from Chaos Raptors, arms from standard Chaos Space Marines and finally the left shoulder will be from the Sons of Horus line like the rest of my army.  All that combined makes a very unique looking noise marine that I quite like.  Here are the first two in progress. noisemarine_1 noisemarine_2 noisemarine_3 noisemarine_4