Haruspex VS Exocrine: the real no-brainer!


While I'm sweating trying to figure out new units and tactics, I've also been having some fun assembling the new Exocrine & Haruspex kit. If you haven't opened the kit yet, GW have left a nice surprise for you - the addition of a handful of magnets makes this kit switch easily between an Exocrine and a Haruspex without needing any additional bits.

So don't worry about having to choose the more useful Exocrine over the obviously cooler and more fun Haruspex model... you get both kits for the price of one!



I'll update with a pic of the headless body later on. This is one of the easiest kits to magnetise that I've worked on - you need to drill and place one magnet in the contact point at the back of each head/neck bit, then one each at the base of each arm. The contact points are all large and flat and the bits snap into place perfectly, with a slight hooking action to locate the head and then snap it back into place.